Five Ways to Wear Colour


My last post covered why wearing the right colours helps you look your best.  This month I’m showing how to get more colour in your life, with five ways to wear colour.


If you’re stuck in neutrals or finding the idea of introducing colour into your wardrobe overwhelming, this post is for you.  I have a bunch of tried and trusted ways to move forward in a more colourful way.  From dipping a toe in to the colour pool to making a bold splash, here’s a few suggestions:

1. Add an accent colour

Adding an accent of colour means adding a little bit of colour to your outfit.  It is ideal for those who are intimidated by colour but want to add a pop of it to an otherwise neutral base, e.g., red handbag to an all- black outfit, or pink neon shoes with a beige dress. It works well if you know which colours suit you and want to add it to your top half.

2. Sandwich dressing

This is a super easy formula to follow when dressing. You simply match what you wear on the top half of your body with the colour being worn on your feet. It’s effortless and can be very chic.

3. Monotone dressing

Dressing in monotone is another easy option as it simply involves wearing one colour from head to toe. It can create a very dramatic look and also works well if you’re petite, as it give the illusion of lengthening the body.  So if you want to appear taller, give it a go.

4. Colour blocking

Colour blocking is another look that can make a powerful statement. It involves wearing strong colours that are opposite each other in the colour wheel. Three at a time max, or you’ll look like a rainbow. You can buy wheels online. For a softer approach you could opt for wearing different shades of the same colour.

5. Eclectic styling

Adopting an eclectic style means wearing lots of colour and mixing up prints. It might sound easy, mixing separates in an anything goes fashion, but pulling it off in a stylish way takes a little practice. Yes, unconventional can be cool, just remember to have at least one colour that appears in both separates to make it work. Choose the same background colour for ease.


Why not set aside some time to play dress up in your wardrobe and see how you can introduce more colour into your outfits.  Of course, if you would like more help do take a look at my services here and drop me a line


Gail x


A version of this content first appeared in the Downend Voice, for which I write I monthly style column.