Wearing The Right Colours Helps You Look Your Best

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


The idea that knowing ‘your colours’ will affect your life can have some people rolling their eyes. However, if I told you which colours looked great on you and it made you feel happier every time you dressed, you might be more interested.  Am I right?


No-one wants to stand in front of their wardrobe uninspired by its contents, so a smart way to wear clothes that you love and love you back is to learn which colours suit you best.  Once you know them, you’ll not only look good, but you’ll also feel more confident, be happier, get dressed quicker, and shop better. Buy clothes that give you the wow factor, not the blah factor.


My Personal Style Development and Colour Consultation is one of my most popular services, because I identify colours that really help you look your best.  This can only be done in a 1-2-1 session with drapes and my expert eye.  If you’re on the fence about whether this can work for you here’s a little insight and ideas to try at home.


As a rule of thumb, warm colours work best for warmer complexions and cooler colours work best for paler complexions. Of course, you must take eye colour and hair colour into consideration, so this is a basic rule and for more detailed understanding you would need an analysis, but armed with this knowledge, you can look at picking out warm colours (yellow undertone) and cool colours (blue undertone) to enhance your complexion.


Some people say your veins can help determine your skin tone.  Green being warm and blue being cool.  So, look at the underside of your wrist to see if that helps.


Next up, hold the garment near to your face.  If your skin shows a natural radiance – a glow – then its working for you.  You should notice that your skin looks a lot smoother, your eye colour pops, and the whites of your eyes stand out.  If a colour doesn’t suit you, your face will look washed out, and the bits you don’t want to show, like dark circles, will be more drawn out.


Perhaps start by looking at the shirt or blouse that people always give you compliments for when you wear it.  Chances are, it’s the flattering shade that’s turning heads.


Still unsure, drop me a line at info@notgivinin.com to learn more about my services.


Gail x


A version of this content first appeared in the Downend Voice, for which I write I monthly style column.