Gail was fantastic, highly professional and I came away not only with a new wardrobe but feeling inspired and energised!
Before our appointment I completed a questionnaire and we had a couple of calls because I knew the 3 hours would go quickly on the day. Gail took care to understand what I was looking for (a wardrobe revamp and tips on how best to dress for my body shape) and even recced the stores we’d visit in advance, to make the most of the session. In the very first store we visited she created a look which I loved and felt at home in immediately. She was generous and knowledgeable with her styling tips and time, and I really trusted her judgement. I came away confident I could apply what Gail taught me to make my own decisions. She also reintroduced me to the joys of shopping in real life – not online! I would highly recommend her.
North Somerset
Gail is one special lady that gave my confidence a massive boost. We spent the afternoon together, looking at clothes and discussing what the cuts and lengths did for me. I thoroughly enjoyed my treat bought by my loving husband and would do it again.

Gail is so knowledgeable. The perimenopause had a good kicking today and I feel good. Thank you so much Gail. ♥️
I began my shopping journey with quite a bit of nervous energy! I HATE clothes shopping and was not up for having fun! Gail, however, put pay to my plans!! She was so warm and friendly and instantly put me at ease. By the end of our session I was walking away with a selection of clothes that I would never have considered buying …. But with the understanding and satisfaction that these new styles were far more complimenting of my figure than the baggy mess I walked in wearing!
There was no pressure to buy, just lots of time to try and look and understand styles/cuts / new ideas. Thank you Gail for putting up with me and making me feel good about myself!
A really useful session with Gail and now I feel much more confident with what colours and styles work for me 🙂
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Gail was simply amazing.

I gave her a brief of what I needed help with style-wise, and we spent the morning going round the shops (something I normally dread) and she really pushed me out my comfort zone (in terms of shops and items), and I was so pleased she did.

She has given me so much confidence to select items I never thought I could wear.

She was so lovely and never made me feel pressured to try pieces on.

I would thoroughly recommend Gail to anyone who needs a bit of guidance, confidence and direction!
My partner booked a session with Gail for my birthday and because I had a work trip coming up so needed a wardrobe refresh! Gail was thorough beforehand - I completed a questionnaire and we spoke in advance of meeting. All very reassuring and helped get me excited for the day.

On the day, Gail was well prepared (which was needed as I'm petite so it can be tricky!). We had a brilliant few hours together - she selected items I would have walked past but they were gorgeous on. She was incredibly attentive and helpful as well - lots of finding a different colour or size (or sometimes several of the same size that all fit differently!). And throughout there were lots of great tips, good advice and useful suggestions that I can take into my own shopping / outfit selection.

I was really pleased with my purchases and feel like I'll definitely be more adventurous in my choices going forward. It also rejuvenated my enthusiasm for actually visiting shops, instead of just shopping online. Thank you for a wonderful experience!
I was gifted a wardrobe refresh with Gail from my amazing bet friend and boy did I need it.

I'm a bit of a compulsive shopper but am rubbish at creating outfits so tend to buy things without really thinking. The result was an overflowing wardrobe with lots of stuff I wasn't sure of.

We went through every piece, trying it on to see if it still worked and what might make new outfit combinations.

I had advice on how to hide bits I'm not so confident of an how to make more of other parts. What was reassuring was that the things I thought did work Gail did too. It was just that they had got lost amongst clutter and when she didn't like something Gail was honest and explained why.

I spent hours shopping for my new list of must haves because suddenly I was making more considered decisions than I ever have done before and justifying every purchase.

I finally also started buying the size that fits me, rather than what I want to see on the label. Now I'm just working my way through the pile that's going on Vinted or to charity.

Definitely recommend.
It was a real pleasure spending time with Gail for a personal shopping session in Bristol. I'm thrilled with the pieces I bought - things I wouldn't have tried on or purchased if I was shopping on my own!

Gail's suggestions and advice in terms of what to go for - and what to avoid - for my body shape, and colours etc were spot on and her tips will stay with me every time I shop.

Gail is a lovely lady, great company for a shopping trip, and I would thoroughly recommend her services - ideal for anyone wanting to get their mojo back, or get out of a shopping rut!

Thank you Gail 🙂
A great experience going through my wardrobe with Gail.

She quickly put me at ease, really helped me style the clothes I already have, identified what clothes work for my body shape and created a wish list of new items.

Very much looking forward to a clothes shop with Gail soon.
I loved my wardrobe refurb experience with Gail and would really recommend it!

I was looking for help decluttering my wardrobe because I'd gotten to a point where I couldn't see what was nice anymore. Gail helped me to go through things I had become emotionally attached to and to see what things were just either too old or no longer suited.

I also loved getting tips about what suited my body shape and colours and have felt way more confident about my choices of outfits since our session.

I think it's also helped me with making decisions about what I can get rid of. I now have loads of things on Vinted and feel more in control of my wardrobe (and my life!) as a result.

A massive thank you Gail x
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Great colour match session with Gail, who is very informative and honest with her colour matching.

Finally I have been shown the colours that match my skin tone and hair colour.

My colour match was winter tones which I now realise I can wear regardless of the season.

Would highly recommend Gail for her colour match sessions.
I have used Gail's services now on three occasions - it took two appointments to sort my wardrobe out!

I have found her to be incredibly helpful and constructive.

I enjoyed the process of getting rid of clothes that no longer fitted or were doing nothing for me - I just have to re-home them now!

I have found that what I want are less clothes which work better for me and Gail is indispensable for facilitating that and totally non judgemental.

We are going shopping in a couple of weeks and I am very much looking forward to it!

I have no hesitation in recommending Gail to anyone who would like some help with their wardrobe and presentation.
I used Not Givin In personal styling and found Gail to be a lovely lady. She is skilled in her field of fashion and tailored our shopping to suit my shape and personality.

She opened my eyes to outfits I hadn't tried and I would definitely recommend her services if you are looking to update or refresh your wardrobe.
South Glos
Gail was very friendly and I felt comfortable in her presence.

She helped me de-clutter my wardrobe and rid me of pieces no longer serving me.

I now have a sense of my own personal style and am excited to experiment with her suggestions.

I would definitely recommend.
wardrobe detox
Gail came over to my house and conducted a full colour consultation and body shape analysis.

Gail was professional, knowledgeable and patient as I peppered her with questions!

I would highly recommend Gail 😊
Had a two hour personal shopping session with Gail.

I didn’t have anything specific to find or shop for but told Gail I was just interested in trying on some new things and expanding my knowledge on what might suit my body shape!

Gail definitely helped with this and it was just a lot of fun to wander around trying on clothes with someone who’s got a great eye and is passionate about fashion and clothing.

Gail is so easy to talk to and I felt really at ease and comfortable with her.

Overall a great experience which I would definitely do again and recommend to friends!
North Somerset
Gail and I met for a shop in Bath to find a wedding guest outfit for me.

Gail was brilliant, she came up with suggestions for me to try on that I would never have picked but when I put them on I felt great!

We found the wedding outfit (with ideas for accessories which I bought later) and a massive bonus was finding a second outfit which I also absolutely love.

Thank you Gail, you made shopping seem easy and fun!
I chose gail for personal shopping as I loved her own style on Instagram and knew she would be great at advising me. I was not wrong - there was a call and questionnaire before we met, so Gail was totally up to speed with my objectives for the day and the experience was fantastic.

Having Gail run around each store grabbing all the clothes to try, giving me advice on colour and styles, and I came away with items I would never have selected, let alone try on, but I LOVED them all, as did my partner.

I now have something I can wear for most occasions and I will be booking Gail again later in the year for a party number and some Autumn/Winter outfits.

Give it a try. You will feel like a new woman after.
Gail helped me re-discover myself and jeans!
She made feel completely at ease and performed a miracle finding me not 1 but 4 pairs of trousers that fit!
Gail is a true genius!
I had such a fabulous personal shopping session with Gail. We went to a variety of shops and Gail picked things she thought would suit me that I would never have picked. Most of which I ended up buying! It was very informative, eye opening experience.

I went to an event a few days later feeling fabulous head to toe, thanks to Gail's tips.

It will change the way I shop forever.

Thanks again, Not Givin In
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Very friendly and professional service.

Gail has a true talent and goes the extra mile to find outfits to suit your body and style personality.

The day was fun, educational and uplifting.

I would recommend Gail to anyone looking for a personal stylist.


I booked Gail to help me get some energy back into my style, and boy did she deliver! Having a baby and lockdown life have had a big impact on my confidence when it comes to shopping for clothes, so the colour consultation session took things back to basics. She was warm, friendly and knowledgable and got me seeing colours in a totally different way. I actually feel excited to go out shopping for new clothes now. Highly recommend!

I had an amazing experience. Gail was really understanding and sensitive about how to approach my needs and expectations.

She truly knows fashion and really helped to find a route to my own personal style.

My personal styling and colours session with Gail was great, as well as it being a lot of fun. I also learnt so much about what colours and style of clothes will suit me best! Gail is brilliant at what she does and followed up our session promptly with written notes and pictures of style ideas that I can keep for when I go shopping.

Gail exceeded all our expectations!

I bought this experience for my mum for Mother's Day ahead of our holiday to Mykonos. I know my mum has always wanted to have a session with a personal shopper, but in all honesty, I had no idea what to expect and how useful or productive the experience would be!

However, from the moment I emailed, Gail was super helpful with arranging the voucher for me, liaising on workable dates and in the lead up to the event had amazing communication with my Mum to ensure she knew what my mum wanted to achieve on the day itself and how best she could help her do this.

From the moment we met Gail, she made us feel at ease. She was warm, friendly and very stylish (which is always a plus when you meet your personal shopper!!). Nothing was too much hassle - she held the clothes so my Mum could focus on browsing in the shops and went back and forth from the fitting room to fetch different sizes when required. Gail also taught us so much about different shapes and styles throughout the day - super helpful information we could take away with us and use when shopping in the future. My mum also realised she was not the pear shape she always she was - she was in fact hourglass!

Such a fab day out and so much more than just a personal shopping experience. Gail helped my Mum achieve her goal of some new holiday clothes but also helped build her confidence which was so lovely to see. I would definitely recommend Gail - couldn't have wished for a better all round experience!!

This session was brilliant - I now see my wardrobe in a whole new light and Gail just got the style I was going for without me having to explain it too much.

Gail came to my house to help me find the colours that work well on me and also to do a wardrobe reboot.

I'll definitely be contacting her again to ask her to come shopping with me!
personal shopper Bristol
Ann Marie

Gail was absolutely brilliant help!

Shopping for clothes is normally a chore but with Gail's help it was a breeze. She took plenty of time to get know my likes and dislikes and made me feel at ease when discussing items that I wouldn't normally choose.

I'll definitely be back again soon!

I have never had a positive experience of shopping; it's all overwhelming and it's hard to find things I like. Gail completely transformed this experience! She calmly went round, found really great pieces that I wouldn't have tried on, and they were great. It was easy to say if I didn't like something, there was no pressure.

She has restored my faith in shopping and it was really fun.
wardrobe detox

I spent a fabulous few hours with the lovely Gail, who could not have done more for me. She was friendly, attentive and guided me with her expert eye - the result was a great selection of new items which I'm delighted with.

Thanks so much Gail, I look forward to seeing you again!

I hired Gail's services as a stylist and personal shopping experience for my 15 year old daughter. I can't recommend Gail's work highly enough.

There was no style 'problem' to fix, but I thought it would be cool to give her the opportunity for some 1 on 1 expert advice and discussion with Gail which subsequently included; colours that suit skin tones, the importance of staples, what to wear and when to wear it.

Gail has a super-professional delivery that put my daughter and me at ease instantly, so important when you need to develop trust quickly, to get the most from the experience.

The results? Noticeable increase in confidence, style self awareness, determination to mix/match clothes and try new combos, all with a more informed insight.

Thank you Gail, I thought you'd be great but you exceeded my expectations.

I would highly recommend the personal styling/shopping experience.

Gail is such a warm, kind and knowledgeable person and made me feel at ease right away, despite me being quite nervous beforehand. She was very accommodating with my 4 month old daughter and I had such a good day getting to understand colours and outfits that work best for me.

I now feel much better prepared for choosing styles in the future and would do the day all over again as it was so much fun!

I would definitely recommend you to friends in Bristol. I loved having someone who was neutral and not a friend or family member. As a personal stylist you helped identify what suited me or what had had its time and needed to go.

You were kind, fair and gave practical feedback. I really liked the three categories of clothes....KEEP, MAYBE and DONE.

You saw my clothes in a new light and put things together that I had not thought of. That was extremely helpful. It's like having a pair of magic glasses...
Personal Stylist in Bristol

I arranged for Gail to come over to go through a wardrobe reboot with me. I had lost my way a bit. She put me at ease as soon as she stepped through the door.

Gail has a wealth of knowledge which she shares with you. She was never critical, only emphasising good points and being positive throughout the whole four hours. I now feel confident to dress for my shape and I'm excited to start shopping. What a wonderful talent she has, I will definitely be using her services again.

Gail really helped me to understand what was and wasn't working for me within my wardrobe, and helped me clear a lot things I'd maybe been apprehensive about letting go. She also helped me to style the pieces I had and come up with new ways to wear them that I hadn't thought of before.

I'd definitely recommend Gail if your wardrobe is in need of a refresh!

I contacted Gail as I wanted some help in refreshing my wardrobe. After an initial call to assess my requirements, we arranged a time to meet for the shopping experience. Gail was extremely professional, polite and friendly and made the experience enjoyable, sharing her knowledge and experience to guide me in the right direction. I would highly recommend getting in touch with Gail if you need a fresh pair of eyes on your style!

Gail came round to my house for the wardrobe reboot and it was a fabulous three hours.

She helped me create a whole range of outfits I hadn't previously put together with my existing clothes, showing me how to get better wear out of them and helped me understand and see what works and doesn't work for me and my style!

I now have a rejuvenated confidence with my wardrobe and outfits and a clear idea of what to wear/buy moving forward

Would 100% recommend Gail's services and it makes a great gift for family and friends too.

Thank you for a great two hours!
Gail was very friendly and had loads of ideas.

I now feel much more confident and inspired! I would highly recommend.

I was surprised at how much I learnt about colour and body shape from a personal stylist even though I take an interest in fashion.

It was great to find a Bristol-based stylist and get a professional in.
Personal Stylist in Bristol
Having had a baby recently I was feeling really out of sorts with what looked good on me, and with what suited my shape.

Gail gave all the confidence I needed, and plenty of tips and tricks on what to wear.

I am useless at shopping for clothes and find it pretty boring. Gail provided me with lots of guidance and found some lovely clothes for me that I would not have tried on without her. I thoroughly enjoyed the shopping experience with Gail, I learnt a lot and came home with some fantastic outfits. It was excellent value for money. I can't recommend enough.
Personal Stylist in Bristol
North Somerset
Having had a baby recently I was feeling really out of sorts with what looked good on me, and with what suited my shape.

Gail gave all the confidence I needed, and plenty of tips and tricks on what to wear.
My shopping trip with you in Bristol has taught me how to shop more effectively, and taken away some of my fear of fashion.

I feel more confident to make braver choices about what to try on, and I've come away feeling much fresher and happier about getting dressed.

I feel like an updated version of me, which is exactly what I wanted from a personal stylist.
Personal Stylist in Bristol
Such a fun and productive few hours.

I feel excited about clothes shopping again after being stuck in a fashion rut for years.

Thanks you so much.
Whether you are in need of a full scale wardrobe clear out and reboot, or simply want a fabulous dress for a party or an outfit to nail an interview. Gail is your go to girl.
It was great to meet Gail. She has given me some great advice with regards to styles/clothes and colours that suit me.

I feel a lot more confident about clothes shopping and what I feel and look good in.

Gail is so lovely and put me at ease straight away. She takes the time to get to know you as a person.

I could have stayed all afternoon chatting with her.

Delightful experience chatting with Gail who had really tried to understand what I was after before our session.

A great opportunity to remind me what I already know, the mistakes to avoid and some new ideas for Autumn.

Really recommend a session to help give your wardrobe a bit of oomph!

Fab online consultation with Gail.

Great prep before the consultation and lots of information provided afterwards.

Friendly, professional, and thoughtful.

Thank you!

Great professional friendly service and advice.
An absolute pleasure, and left me feeling inspired and more confident that I'll make better purchases.
Loved it.
Doha, Qatar

Gail is really friendly and she really understood my styling needs. I did get a lot of confidence boost in my own style and that's something I did not expect. I left the appointment feeling like I had a few tips to shop on my own now.

I won a 60 minute wardrobe makeover with Gail. We focused on dressing right for my body shape and seeing what I can buy to create a capsule wardrobe.  Gail was really friendly and informative, she makes you feel at ease straight away.  I have already started doing the French tuck and made a new purchase that I have already been complimented on.  Would definitely recommend.

Gail is an excellent speaker and was extremely generous with her time and knowledge.
Gail took the time to answers the questions we had in depth and in a way that we understood.
Gail made the talk on body shapes extremely fun and entertaining.
I would highly recommend Gail and her services
Bristol, WI

Great advice from Gail at Not Givin In after struggling with strong patterned items in my wardrobe that were receiving minimal wear due to a lack of suitable coordinating items.

Gail inspired me to try new colours and top styles which not only went well with my existing items but suited my recently altered body shape.

I've always enjoyed clothes shopping and own a lot of clothes but with Gail's advice I now consider the item more carefully thinking what it will go with rather than just admiring an individual piece.
N. Ireland

I had a wonderful afternoon shopping with Gail. Having lost my sense of style over the last couple of years, she really helped me get out of my comfort zone and try something new.
Gail is professional, friendly and really knows her stuff when it comes to fashion.
I now look forward to getting dressed in the morning!

Gail really knows her stuff! I recently spent a couple of hours having had a 'wardrobe reboot'.

It was great fun, and Gail helped me make the most of my existing rerpetoire and see it in a new light. She seems to be able to understand 'the real you', nail your body shape and make creative yet flattering suggestions as to what you could add or do differently to give your style a little more va-va voom!

I'll definitely be taking her with me next time I go shopping and would heartily recommend her to anyone in need of a style boost!

Gail has a professional, friendly approach to her clients and is a pleasure to work with. Gail has a great deal of knowledge, good experience and goes the extra mile to ensure her clients are happy. She is a stylist we would highly recommend.
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Image Consulting Co

I really enjoyed my colour consultation with Gail. She was friendly and professional and patient. I learned a lot about my colour and had a lot of fun too! I can't wait to take what I've learnt with me when I go back to the shops. If you've been tempted to get your colours done I would highly recommend getting in touch with Gail.

Gail was exactly what I needed. I felt confused, uninspired and insecure about my wardrobe after lockdown and she helped me to redefine it, understand my body shape and what works for me. She gave me ideas on how to build my style moving forward and remove a lot of things that just weren't working for me. I had tried and failed to do this myself so am over the moon I invested time with Gail, it was so worthwhile. She's extremely easy to get on with and she's honest which I love, it's like having a friend over for a few hours but she takes clothing seriously and makes you feel great in the process. She also put together a Pinterest board with further ideas.

I can't recommend Gail enough - you won't regret making this investment. It does more than just revive your wardrobe, it changes the way you feel too! I'll most definitely be going back in spring/summer 2022 for round two!