Wardrobe Reboot

The Wardrobe Reboot offers the perfect opportunity to start your style journey afresh, but without spending a fortune.

I’ll take a look at what you’ve got hanging in your closet, shedding you of clothes that are no longer working for you and identifying the hidden gems and new outfit combinations that you may not have considered wearing together before.



We’ll take a look at your body shape to help you understand which clothes elevate your look.  I will also run through which colours in your wardrobe currently complement your skin, hair and make-up.

Looking at each garment you have, I will help identify which items are worth keeping and which ones are no longer your BFFs.  I can take these to a charity shop for you if you like.


Making sure you have the tools you need


I will then consider new ways for you to wear what is left in your wardrobe, taking photographs so we capture new looks.  Establishing a reference of point for your new stylish looks going forward, I’ll send the images to you on email.  A Pinterest board will also be curated for you personally, with more ideas of clothes I think you might like to consider.

By the time I finish you’ll have learnt what works for you, how you can pull together new outfits from what you already have, gained a few tips on what to look for when you go shopping and have the start of a long-term stylish wardrobe.    If you’re interested in taking this further, we can plan a 1-2-1 Person Shopping trip.

Service includes:

  • Telephone conversation prior to meeting up to discuss and agree objectives
  • Up to three-hour wardrobe review; looking at which pieces will move forward with the stylish new you and which won’t (I offer a free charity bag deposit service)
  • Identifying new looks and combination outfits with what is already in your wardrobe
  • Considering new pieces to add to a shopping list that will polish your appearance
  • Sending you images taken during the wardrobe review
  • Creating a Pinterest Style Insp board just for you

Wardrobe Reboot – £145

Drop me a line at info@notgivinin.com or fill out the form on my contact page to get booked in.

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