Hi, I'm Gail

I’m a personal stylist based in Bristol, working in this fabulous city, Bath and the South West.  I specialise in helping women of all ages tackle problems with their personal style and help them feel and look great.

I love fashion and how clothes can make you feel on top of the world. I want to help others learn how they can ditch a toxic wardrobe. It’s time to get out of a style rut, and be a more polished, fabulous version of you.

Find yourself stood in front of a wardrobe, thinking you have nothing to wear? Chances are your clothes don’t match your lifestyle.

You get dressed and you still feel that you’re not looking your best?  Then you need the expertise of a personal stylist. Someone who can you help identify the right shapes and colours to make your appearance shine.

Feel overwhelmed at the very thought of heading to the shops to buy new fashion?  Then shopping with your own personal stylist will help you navigate the best retailers on the high street to suit your style personality and budget.

For all these things and more. I’m the personal stylist to help you.

Personal Stylist Services

Personal Style and Colour Consultation

Understanding your body shape is the first step to knowing which clothes look great on you.  The second step is picking the right colours.  I can help with a little know-how by having a personal style development and colour consultation.

We’ll start our session together by identifying your body shape and talking through which style and fit of clothes work best for you.  We’ll also consider your lifestyle and what key pieces you need to make your wardrobe more efficient.

Wardrobe Reboot

A Wardrobe Reboot offers the perfect opportunity to start your style journey afresh, but without spending a fortune.

I’ll take a look at what you’ve got hanging in your closet, shedding you of clothes that are no longer working for you and identifying the hidden gems and new outfit combinations that you may not have considered wearing together before.  

It will also help identify gaps to complete and build your dream wardrobe.

1-2-1 Personal Shopping

A unique experience from a third party with honest, considerate feedback on new pieces that will add style and flair to your wardrobe. Offering the kind of style advice that you won’t get from family and friends.

  Whether its buying clothes that get you through the daily grind, doing the school run, making an important presentation, or being the guest of honour at a 60th birthday celebration, it’s important to feel great.


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Gail Painter | Wardrobe Editor | Personal Stylist | Bristol & Bath

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