Why Rimmel London’s Lasting Radiance Foundation Is a Must-Have in My Make-Up Bag

lasting radiance


If you’ve tried to re-stock Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Foundation recently then you probably know that this popular beauty product has received a little upgrade.  Step forward, Lasting Radiance Foundation.


It’s actually similar in look, so when I picked up a bottle in Superdrug, I didn’t notice much at first.


It wasn’t until I got home and tried it that I spotted the difference.  First off, and let’s get this out of the way, the shades are darker, which I know is a pain if you’re doing a quick shop.  They are slightly more orange in tone so do a skin/shade check on the back of your hand before you make a purchase.  Or you could make the same mistake I did and have to buy another.


I used to wear 103 True Ivory in Wake Me Up and have now bought 100 Ivory in the Lasting Radiance range.  Luckily I was able to give the first purchase to a friend.


Get a Lasting Radiance


So what else has changed. Well it still comes equipped with a shimmer or ‘radiance’.  This was a hit with friends my own age wearing Wake Me Up, but not much with younger pals. The shimmer, or glitter as they referred to it, was a sticking point and still is in its Lasting Radiance format.


Now, I haven’t held a focus group on the subject, but I wonder if older skin ‘enjoys’ the radiance pearls that Rimmel London enrich the foundation with because skin is a little lacklustre as it ages?  I’ll probably get shot for that remark, but one on-line review I read said, “forget the highlighter this will give your face an all-over shimmer.”  Totally agree and that’s what I want.

why I love Rimmel London Lasting Radiance Foundation


Perhaps younger beauty fans are more informed on where shimmer is best used to highlight distinct areas on their face.  Whereas, I’m not into contouring.  I think at my age an over made-up face can look ridiculous.  However my skin is losing its luminosity all over so any shimmer addresses the need for added radiance that the youthful among us already have.


And lastly can I also say that it helps to give an appearance of having hydrated skin all day.  Working in an office or spending time in any air-conditioned area can wipe out moisture, so the radiance pearls are welcome.


P.S. You can always use a powder on areas where you want to tone down the shimmer.



Glowing Coverage


Also I really like the level of coverage, which I would say is a medium.  I don’t have marks to cover, but I’ve always liked a good level coverage. I loved the nineties heavy make-up.  And although I don’t want to go down the heavy contouring that is today’s look, I am keen to have a blank canvas from which to work.  This does the job nicely.


I always use a foundation brush from Real Techniques as I prefer the assistance of a tool rather than my fingers, which gets messy.  A brush helps me distribute the product evenly across my skin and I can build up to the level of coverage I want.  I perhaps wear slightly less in the day for a more natural look, but overall this foundation blends in perfectly however much you use.


Texture-wise it isn’t runny and has an easy-to-use pump dispenser.  I found it quite generous, so use it with a light touch.


Sun Protected Skin


I am really pleased that Rimmel London has increased the level of protection against sun damage with this foundation providing an SPF25.


It is one of the first benefit’s I look for when buying anything for my skin and I’m always disappointed when a foundation doesn’t have it in.  The one that comes to mind is Health Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation from Bourjois Paris, which has similar results but no SPF.  I don’t know why that is the case, but it stopped me from buying it a few years ago.


So this upgrade from Rimmel is a very welcome tick in the box from me.


Loving My Skin Long Time


Rimmel says this foundation will last all day and I can confirm that it really does.   I wore it yesterday for a four-hour drive and four-hour meeting and when I got home it was still in place.  And still offering the same level of glow I might add.


As for how my skin feels when I’m wearing it, well there’s no tightness or uncomfortable dryness.  Indeed, the complete opposite, it feels fresh and hydrated through to the evening.  I don’t feel a need to freshen up as the skin still feels moisturised.


It does state on the packaging that this is an Anti-Pollution Foundation.  To confirm what this means I’ll refer to the Boots website (because I couldn’t find anything on Rimmel’s website that offered an explanation), which states that this foundation…”instantly illuminates the skin with a healthy radiant glow, and minimises the effects of pollution. The inclusion of peptides increases elasticity so skin recovers and bounces back more quickly. Contains the added benefits of SPF 25 creating a dewy glow on the skin that lasts all day long.”


Rimmel London Lasting Radiance in Conclusion


After my initial worry about a change of shades I’m more than happy with this new formula.  I absolutely love the dewy complexion it offers and that my skin feels moisturised all day long.  The radiance pearls aren’t everyone’s cup to tea, but they are mine (and a fair of my friend’s too) so I will be continuing to have Rimmel London Lasting Radiance as my number 1 drugstore foundation of choice.


For those interested, you can buy it in all the usual stores – Boots and Superdrug – plus Amazon, etc..  It comes in a 30ml bottle priced around £9.99 and you can choose from 12 shades.  For less than a tenner its a good quality foundation.


Have a great weekend.



Gail x