What To Wear When Working From Home


Time has moved on from the mandate to work from home.  However, many people still do, and I’m often asked by clients how to avoid feeling scruffy when they don’t have to get dressed for the office.


New ways of working, whether it’s fully remote or hybrid (splitting your time between the office and home) have involved an adjustment.  The classic workwear wardrobe has changed. And while many are enjoying the less formal way of dressing at a desk, it has resulted in a few challenges.


I’m often quizzed: “How do I avoid wearing sweatshirts and leggings daily?”  Another common question is:  “How do I go from feeling comfy to looking smart when I need to go out?”


So here are some of the key items I would suggest wearing.


Key Items for a working from home wardrobe


  • A knitted co-ord jogger set – soft to the touch, it still offers a relaxed approach to working from home, but will be way smarter than opting for a grey marl sweatshirt and pair or joggers.
  • Relaxed tailored trousers – these can be straight, wide leg trousers or tapered, but look for styles that have some stretch and/or an elasticated waist, for more comfort. Easily the comfiest to work in with a T-shirt, blouse, or jumper.  Simply add a blazer when you want to head out.
  • Dark blue wash or black denim jeans – if you’re splitting time between the office and home and can wear jeans to work these are the colours to choose. Giving you a smarter appearance.
  • Classic blazer – in black, navy or beige is the quickest way to smarten any outfit. Perfect for a smart-casual dress code and chic with jeans.
  • Choose layers – versatile pieces you’ll wear again and again include T-Shirts, white blouses, striped or patterned shirts, and longline cardigans.
  • Wear colour – nothing lifts the spirits like adding a pop of colour to an outfit. Whatever your favourites are, or, if you’ve had your colours analysed and know which suits you best, wear them.
  • Key accessories – include plain white trainers (they go with everything) and statement jewellery. Have a great necklace or pair of earrings in your desk drawer.  Putting them on will quickly elevate your look and complete your outfit.


My pick from the high street below:


Hope you like the ideas.  Meanwhile, if your wardrobe isn’t working for you why not try a personal consultation with me.  I offer a free call and we can have a chat about the challenges you want to overcome.  To set this up you can drop me a line at info@notgivinin.com or complete a contact me form here.

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It’s Sweater Weather. Here’s How to Wear Yours.


With temperatures dipping into single digits, it’s safe to say we’ve officially reached sweater weather.


On chilly days it’s easy to grab heavy, cosy knits to wrap ourselves in, but are we forsaking substance for style?  Or, if we want to, can we wear a knit in a smart, formal way?


Here’s a couple of thoughts on how to dress your favourite jumpers in balance with the rest of your winter outfit.


Heavy jumpers

Taking refuge from the cold, swathed in a heavy, oversized jumper has its appeal.   But you can look top heavy, especially if you’re wearing something tight on the lower half.  Balance oversized knits and skinny jeans, for example, with chunkier boots.


If you choose to wear oversized knits with the loose or wide-legged trousers that are currently very popular, try partially tucking in your jumper slightly off centre at the front.   Otherwise, it will drown the top half your body and you’ll lose all shape.  Avoid dainty shoes with this outfit, or your silhouette will be top heavy.


Examples of half tucks below.  See how they offer better proportion and elongated leg shapes.

Lightweight jumpers

Roll neck jumpers are in many people’s wardrobes as they offer warmth and versatility.  Keeping the top half neat, wear these with straight, loose, and wide legged trousers. These would also look nice with this season’s denim maxi skirts, for an elevated casual look.


Crew vs V neck knits

Crew neck knits are often a weekend wardrobe staple and are very useful in neutral colours.  They look good with a white T.shirt poking out of the top.  Or wear with a white shirt underneath for a smarter look.


V-neck jumpers are the perfect formal jumper.  They look great with a white shirt underneath for work. They also sit comfortably underneath a suit jacket or with blazer and jeans. However, they’re also easy to dress up. Wear with a necklace or statement earrings heading out for drinks and dinner.


Nipped-in Knits

Lastly, if you want more shape around the mid-section consider adding belt.  A wide belt will add real definition to your waistline and structure to the overall effect.  A thin belt adds a hint of shape and keeps the body elongated.



I hope you like these sweater weather ideas and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have a question.  You can drop me a line at info@notgivinin.com any time.

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New Autumn Trends You Might Already Own


Wondering what the latest trendy looks are this autumn?  Thinking about adopting a few of them to update your wardrobe?


Then you might be pleased to learn that, as is the case with the cyclical nature of fashion, a few trends are coming back around again.  You might even have a few of these in your wardrobe already.


Indeed, there is a little bit of déjà vu about the A/W ’23 season.  I spied long black coats on international catwalks, as well as white shirts and leggings.


Yes, simple, classic pieces have returned to the fore, which is great for your wallet if you have these to hand.


Popular colours for this season include red (scarlet) and silver (or grey), and if you fancy dressing like Wednesday Adams, the goth look is in, and you’ll have no trouble finding gothic dresses.


Silver or grey

Autumn 23 kicks off with a little shimmer. Metallic silver is everywhere and I’m sure gold colours will follow as we head into Christmas. As seen in the pic, if you want to put your best foot forward this season, wear a pair of silver shoes. Pleated skirts, bustier tops (yes, they’re back in) and coated jeans have added all been given a spray down with silver shimmer.

New Autumn Trends You Might Already Own

F&F Clothing featuring Abbey Clancy

Long black coats

Quietly sombre but ever-so-chic a long black jacket in a simple design will get you through the next six months.  Belted coats are fantastic for creating shape and if you don’t fancy heavy wool, opt for a black trench. Wear over a white shirt and jeans for a super clean look, adding your personality through your choice of accessories.


Ballet flats and classic court shoes

Lastly, these options are great for those who are happy to teeter in heels and those who aren’t. Both make a return to the fashion scene this season in easy-to-wear black. These timeless shoes will look good worn with tailored wide-leg trousers, goth dresses, and jeans. On the latter, look out for puddle or flared jeans, which look great with a heel.


Have you ever considered working with a personal shopper to help you get your style mojo back on track?  There’s a great deal of knowledge to gain on what suits you and where to shop.  See my 1-2-1 Personal Shopping page for more information.


How to: Weed Your Wardrobe

How to weed your wardrobe

Rain has stopped play today.  Autumn is surely here, so I’m preparing for a little post-summer wardrobe weeding.


The heatwave earlier this month might have delayed my seasonal wardrobe switchover, but I’m starting to layer up.  Wearing my jeans again, with light knits and shackets.


The washing basket is, of course, laden with the last remnants of my summer wardrobe.  They’re ready to wash and store away.  However, before I do, I always find this a good time to do a little weeding.


If, like me, your storage space is tight, you’ll store and unpack your hanging clothes, a top drawer and shoes, twice a year.  In hiding for half the time, it feels like a whole new wardrobe when I switch the rails up.  There’s always a lovely piece I’ve forgotten I own.  Winner winner chicken dinner!


Keeping my home uncluttered and organised is important to me, so before I pack summer stuff away I detox.  Because a) I’ll get rid of the stuff I didn’t wear, there’s a reason so why keep it; b) it saves on storage space; c) I can sell it on Vinted and make some cash to buy new autumn/winter pieces that I need.  Read. want.


If you want to join along, here’s how to do it.


Weed Your Wardrobe: step-by-step guide


  • Split your spring/summer clothes into two piles. What you wore and what you didn’t.
  • Put all the pieces you enjoyed to one side ready to go into storage.
  • Do check the condition of these clothes at the same time. Damaged pieces can be mended and clothes too worn can be taken to a clothes recycling bin.
  • With items you haven’t worn, it’s time to get up close and personal with them and consider why not.
  • Try on each piece and give it an honest appraisal.
  • Does it suit the look/vibe you want to achieve? Peoples’ style evolves over time.
  • Are the clothes no longer fitting you? Are they too loose or tight?  Holding on to any that don’t work for you anymore can have a negative effect.
  • Does each piece suit your current lifestyle? For example, corporate summer dresses may no longer be needed if you work in a more casual environment.
  • Similarly, are pieces too loud or subdued to suit your personality? Perhaps the pattern doesn’t really match your vibe, or the colour drains the life from your face. In either case, let them go.
  • By the end you should have a clearer understanding of what’s working and what’s not. Don’t feel guilty about the pieces you need to let go of.  You’ve had your fun with them and they no longer work.  It’s over.  Let them go.  There are plenty of charities who can make good use of them.
  • With everything else. All the good stuff. Use vacuum storage bags that suck the air out to reduce space. The bags can then go under the bed or in your suitcases.


Et voila.  Summer is over for another year.

I promise that taking the time to do this now will serve you well. You don’t want to get to next year and unpack a bunch of things which you’re still not going to wear.

Like some more help from me?  Check out my Wardrobe Reboot service here.

5 Tips for Taking Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn

It’s time to say good-bye to the hot temperatures, but don’t be too quick to put away your summer clothes. With clever layering you could extend their wear during this transitional period – taking your summer wardrobe into autumn.

Think about adding light layers, switching up the textures you wear, and adopting a more autumnal colour palette.

Here’s my top five tips

  1. Embrace layers

If you can’t let go of this year’s summer dress try adding a top.  Pop a long sleeve T. shirt or polo neck underneath it to give added warmth.  Marks & Spencer and Uniqlo always have good basic designs.

  1. Switch up textures

Okay it might be time to pack away the linen but think of all the clothes you haven’t been able to wear because it’s been too warm.  Try heavier denim  jeans, leather and pleather trousers and long midi skirts, worn with snuggly sweatshirts and cotton twill trench coats.


Taking Your Summer Wardrobe Into Autumn

Courtesy of John Lewis

  1. Add a light jacket

Opt for denim jackets and khaki or mustard coloured shackets in utility styles for casual outfits.  Single or double breasted blazers are perfect for smarter occasions.

  1. Adopt autumnal colours

Seek out any clothes that you have with golden hues, muted greens, deep purples and orangey reds to give your outfit an autumnal vibe.  It could be in a soft knit worn with the light wash jeans you’ve worn all summer, or perhaps a terracotta coloured short-sleeve dress that just needs a dark denim jacket worn over the top.

  1. Swap your footwear

Opt for ankle boots with midi skirts and dresses so that you have more coverage on your bare legs and won’t need to wear tights.

Follow these tips as the temperature drops and take your favourite pieces in to the new season.

If you would like a more bespoke service do check out my appointment options here. It includes my Wardrobe Reboot service that enables you to make the most of the clothes you have.

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