What to Wear for a UK Staycation – Q&A


I recently held a Style Surgery Q&A on my Instagram account discussing what to wear for a UK staycation.  I received some really great questions from followers that I think will be really useful to lots of holidaymakers.  So, for those staying on British shores this summer here’s some of the questions I was asked, and the answers.


Q: Given the uncertain weather are you still putting away your winter clothes?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  If nothing else I want and need to enjoy the mind set that time has moved on and we have entered a different season.  Yes, you will probably need showerproof clothing and I’m keeping my wellies to hand, but heavy coats will be packed away.  Instead, I’ll be wearing thin layers that build up warmth and resistance to chilly and/or wet days.  I would suggest starting with under garments that offer support.  For example a great vest or camisole will keep you warm and can be worn under most tops.


Check out Uniqlo for its AIRism collection. The range helps you stay comfortable with its quick-drying cool-touch features.   The material used releases heat and moisture to keep you dry and  also neutralises odours, both of which can be handy for sticky days or walking workouts.  The collection is quite extensive, including tops and dresses, but here’s a link to the camisole bra tops that I think could be handy.


Uniqlo AIRism


Q: If you’re not a size 8 how do you layer without looking enormous?

A: Good question!  If you’re petite then piling on clothes can add unwanted volume.  You are wearing the clothes after all, not the other way around.

Follow these guidelines::

  1. Aim to wear just three layers
  2. Choose thin layers that build up a look
  3. The outer layer should have the longest length to ensure a smooth elongated look
  4. Choose one colour with garments in different shades for a tonal look


what to wear for uk summer staycations

Pic courtesy of Pinterest – outer layer is the longest, streamlining silhouette.



what to wear summer staycation

Pic courtesy of Pinterest – tonal shades of one colour offer interest and work together, softening depth of layering.


Q: How do I look stylish in a rain coat?

A:  If the weather isn’t going our way and we’ll need to wear a rain coat, there’s not much getting away from it.  My suggestion is to turn your attention to how the rest of the outfit is working with it.


Think about what you’re wearing underneath.  If wearing a muted colour, e.g., olive, then try wearing a bright, punchy pink blouse underneath.  If the rain coat is bright, turn it around and wear a darker, more muted colour, like a navy stripe.  Opposites attract and can work very well together.


Also, what accessories are you wearing to build an outfit that is stylish.  How about adding a pretty scarf.  See my recent blog post on accessories here for ideas.  Or, switch up your handbag strap to something more eye-catching.  Perhaps one of these replacement bag straps from Oliver Bonas:


Another option is to think about what you are wearing on your head.  Get a ahead, add a hat!  Take a look at the Rains collection of hats this summer.  See here


And here’s a reel of more options you can find online.


I hope you find this useful.  There is another ‘What to Wear on a UK Staycation’ Style Surgery this Friday (May 28th).  This time I’ll be focusing on what’s new to wear if you’re heading to the British seaside resorts.


Til then, have a great week.


Gail xx