Sweater Weather


This weekend’s Indian Summer aside, sweater weather is here people and I’m kind of loving it.  The  wardrobe switchover is in progress.  There’s no going back now.


The next few weeks will see us where our summer dresses until we can no more, but now is the time to look in our autumn/winter wardrobe and consider the gaps.


It might be because we’re due some excitement or that retailers have spotted an opportunity (*winks), but knitwear is looking very elevated this season.


Not content with introducing cashmere, alpaca and organic knits, the design options this year extends to  knitted gillets, cropped cable, and fringed knit trends.


Stocking up on timeless pieces?  Head to Marks & Spencer and Uniglo for great merino wool and cashmere knit classics at affordable prices.  Looking to update your wardrobe with some trend-led pieces take a look at the options below.



The Elevated Cardi.

Wearing your cardi as a jumper was in vogue last year.  This year the idea is being shown by every retailer.  The cardi shape is cropped to the waist, with longer versions tucked in to jeans.  Pretty buttons have been added and there’s the odd animal print.  It’s the statement knit of 2020.


The Knitted Top.

If you don’t fancy a buttoned down cardi then there are plenty of tops around.  Again, it adds a splash of colour to an outfit, suits the casual-come-stylish approach to dressing that we’ve come to love from this new way of life.  Great for those still working from home and jumping on zoom calls.


The Slipover.

Have you spotted the new trend yet?  Early adopters are calling it a slipover, but these were called tank tops and its THE knitwear piece for Autumn 2020 fashionistas.  I can’t say it’s my personal favourite, but then it wouldn’t suit my strawberry body shape.  Adding more squareness to my upper body than I need, but then fashion doesn’t take its lead from body shapes, it’s simply fun.  A few ideas below.



If you’re having trouble with what to wear this season, then it’s time to take action.  Do check out my services, including the Personal Style Development and Colour Consultation.  I’ll teach you what clothes work best for you to suit your personality and lifestyle.


Enjoy the delightful sweater weather to come and have a great weekend.


Gail xx