Spring Fashion: Pale Blue

How can it be March and still so gloomy? It’s raining on our heads and in our hearts as we’re engulfed in concerns for our health and those around us. I know it may seem trivial to talk about fashion right now, but it could also be the escapism we need! For sure, I worked with three clients this week, each having a Wardrobe Reboot, and sorting out their clutter helped them feel more in control, lighter and brighter.

Of course it’s not the answer to all our problems. It would be amazing if it was, but if we use spring as a platform to dive into a bluming good clear-out or add some fresh colours that lift our mood, it’s something! I think keeping busy is important to our mental health, so if you do find yourself with time on your hands indoors (wellness withstanding), then consider giving your wardrobe a make-over.

The Sky is the Limit for Spring Fashion

One of the prettiest colours for spring 2020 is pale blue. It’s such a beautiful shade, reminding us of lighter skies, and they’ll come, they have to! I’ve seen lots of lovely pieces, from fluffy cardis to flat mules and lace tops to sophisticated dresses around this season already. See below, street style.

Pic via Pinterest

Here’s a selection that I’ve found online that you can dip into, brightening up outfits, or splurging on head to toe if you have a special occasion coming up.

Let’s start with a selection of tops. I’ve chosen lightweight cardigans as the weather is still poor, but also an asymmetric top that is a gorgeous colour and a lyocell-blend shirt. Don’t forget to dig out any pale chambray shirts in the back of your wardrobe and put them to good use.

All the ideas featured this week are from Reiss, &Other Stories and H&M.

Dress-wise there’s plenty of options out there, from floaty dresses to smart office wear. Take your pick to suit your lifestyle. Personally, I’m loving the sophisticated Reiss options below.

Lifting the mood a little further and you could dress head to toe in a pale blue suit or wear trousers and skirts with tops in the other colour of the season – beige. Or keep it crisp with white cotton and linens.

Still want to wear what you have in your wardrobe, but fancy a nod to the current trend? Here are some accessories. Also a swimsuit or two, just in case….a girl got to dream.

Hope you like these spring fashion ideas ladies.

Have a great weekend.

Gail x