My Top 3 Super Facialist Products by Gail Painter, personal stylist 

My skin has reaped the rewards of being in lockdown.  While everything went south (losing work, circling the park like a loon, etc.), trying new skincare products lifted me.  So  I wanted to share my top 3 Super Facialist products.  These have quickly become part of my everyday skincare routine.


Praise be to our essential chemists stocking beauty treats to keep minds occupied and hands soft. Whether it’s been a new colour nail polish, hair mask, fancy soap, or nourishing hand cream, I’ve ‘leaned in’ to catching up on products not yet tried and fussing around with at home facials I normally don’t have time for.


Cue UK brand Super Facialist, which has an affordable range of products created by skincare experts.  Using a blend of natural extracts, scientifically backed ingredients and gorgeous fragrances the brand offers products for an at-home facial experience.  I couldn’t wait to try them when given the opportunity*.


When it comes to choosing skincare I fall into the anti-ageing shopping category by a country mile.  I’ve always tried to take good care of my skin, but even so, I want all the antioxidants, hyaluronic acids, and retinols I can get.  So it won’t surprise you to see these and more feature in my choices.  The products I want to tell you about can also definitely be part of an hour set aside for a little me-time facial, but to be honest I’m using them daily.  Yes, my skin is very happy with me right now so without further ado, here’s my top 3 Super Facialist products.


Cleaning, brightening, nourishing


Vitamin C Skin Renew Cleansing Oil 200ml

What I say:

  • I love using oils on my skin and I had heard good things about the quality and effectiveness of this product.  I was not disappointed
  • This oil takes off my make-up, including eye-wear, and still leaves my skin feeling nourished
  • Skin appears clean, clear and soft.
  • I apply with fingertips, then wipe off with water and a reusable make-up pads (mine are from Aldi)
  • I like to double cleanse, so most of the time I follow up with Super Facialist Calming Creamy Cleanser, but that’s not essential

My Top 3 Super Facialist Products by Gail Painter

What Super Facialist say:

The ultimate cleansing experience for fresher skin starts with this unique, lightweight cleansing oil. Infusing Vitamin C with nourishing Olive oil, the cleansing oil transforms itself, upon contact with water, into a light milky texture, to gently dissolve make up and remove daily impurities. Skin is left feeling cleansed and refreshed. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Price £10.99 – you can buy here.


Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Restoring Serum 30ml

What I say:

  • It’s such a light formula, like water going on to the skin
  • I could easily go without wearing cream on top (I don’t do that as I’m all for layering)
  • My skin feels so nourished with just a small amount
  • It smells nice
  • No stickiness


What Super Facialist say:

Let your skin be renewed with our advanced Retinol Anti Ageing Serum, which combines age-fighting ingredients with effective antioxidants and Vitamin E.  The exclusive synergy of collagen boosting actives in this facial serum helps skin to gradually regain firmness, elasticity, and radiance. Antioxidant Apricot and White Tea further help to supercharge your skin with renewed vitality. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Price £16.99 – you can buy here.


Retinol+ Anti-Ageing Night Cream 50 ml

What I say:

  • It looks quite heavy in the pot, but its texture is light, and it glides beautifully across the skin
  • It absorbs into the skin really quickly
  • Skin feels really soft
  • It’s reminds me of thicker-looking creams my mum would buy back in the 70s and there’s a comfort in that for me.
  • Love the gorgeous scent


What Super Facialist say:

Wake up to smoother, healthier-looking skin with a little help from our Retinol Anti-Ageing Night Cream. This unique anti-ageing treatment cream has been designed to work through the night – when skin is believed to be the most receptive. The night cream is enriched with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, a proven collagen boosting active and Retinol to target wrinkles and lines for a renewed, firmer and smoother complexion. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Price £19.99 – you can buy here.

Final Thoughts


Of course, I’m not a dermatologist so I can’t give a scientific before and after de-brief, but I can tell you I felt good using these products.

My skin responded to them well and for me the real test is if a new product quickly becomes my daily choice and these did.  I used all three products regularly and I have quite a few choices in my bathroom cabinet.  The serum, in particular, was quickly finished.  I used it as often as I could, because I genuinely felt it was making a difference to how my skin felt, looked and how well my make-up appeared.  I found the cleansing oil super effective.  I’d been dying to try it and I wasn’t disappointed.  As for the night cream, it is on my bedside table and used every night.  I trust I’ll wake up a little bit ahead of the game and I do.  My skin is ready for the day ahead!

Hope you enjoyed reading my top 3 Super Facialist products.  If you have a question pop it in a comment below.  You can also find more beauty blog posts here.

Have a great week.


Gail x

# This is not a paid-for post, however Super Facialist sent me the products to trial.  Opinions are very much my own.