A Bodysuit To Flatter Your Body Type


The bodysuit is back.  It was a classic for me during my clubbing days in the nineties, and you might remember it before or since then, but it can be a real marmite piece of clothing for many. Love it or hate it, this (sometime fiddly) little garment can also be a handy piece in the wardrobe so I thought I would investigate which style of bodysuit can flatter your body type.

I started to notice bodies appearing in brands’ collection a while ago and momentum is gathering apace as we near Christmas.   I did some story posts about a couple of bodies that I liked on my Instagram feed recently, to which the dms were mostly negative. Feeling a bit sorry for the body I started to wonder why it was getting a bad wrap.

Nuisance poppers is primarily the problem.  These can sometimes undo when you least expect or want them to. However, if you head to a retailer that stocks clothes in your sizing that shouldn’t be a problem.  And the good news.  It’s not like a onesie, where you have to almost get naked to use the bathroom.  The poppers come in handy.

With Christmas very rapidly heading our way the number of bodies you see in stores and online is set to increase.  Mostly worn snug to the body, the materials used tend to be soft, like velvet, or with lycra for added support.  You can find embellished, cut-out, puff-sleeved and even shirt style available.

So, which bodysuit will flatter your body shape?  Below I’ve compiled a handy guide on styles that I’ve seen and which body shapes they will flatter the most.


Bodysuits to flatter your body type



Great for: anyone who has rectangle body type, straight up and down; those with a smaller bust

Wear it with: high-waisted jeans (as in picture), A-line, full skirts, paperbag trousers or skirts


Great for: those who have a smaller bust, neat hour-glass figure, petite rectangle body type
Wear it with: simple trousers (jean-style or narrow cut)


Great for: petite inverted triangle (strawberry) body types
Wear it with: balance out proportions with jeans, trouser or skirt that is light or bright in colour or has a pattern

Great for: inverted body types (strawberry)
Wear with: paperbag style trousers, wide-leg trousers, full, maxi skirt


Great for: for fuller hour-glass figures
Wear it with: high-waisted skinny jeans for va va voom; pencil skirt and tailored jacket


Great for: anyone with slim shoulders; neat hour glass
Wear it with:


Great for: those who have a pear-shape figure; anyone who wishes to create a more visible waist
Wear it with: make sure whatever you below is dark if you are pear-shaped, pencil skirts, maxi column-style skirts


I’ve loved pulling these thoughts together for you and if you would like more help don’t hesitate to get in contact with me as I now offer a 1-2-1 bespoke personal shopping service.  Just click here to read more.


Speak again, soon.


Gail xx