Dressed for Sunny Weather



Getting dressed for sunny weather, who knew that was coming.  Yes, we’ve just been experiencing the sunniest April since 1929!  Mother Nature came good and boy did we need some joy in our lives the past few weeks.


As I write this, it’s raining outside…come on it is England after all, but the forecast isn’t all bad.  Some more sun to come and while we may not get the high level of heat it’s a good idea to get ready for those rays of sunshine.


Were you caught out last week when the sun was absolutely bursting in the sky?  Got the strap marks to prove it!


Tan lines are a pet hate of mine.  I like to mix up sleeves and straps on tops and dresses and there’s photographic evidence of when I’ve got it wrong in the past.  I am quite pale and take a long time to tan, the halfway pink and red marks are something I work hard to avoid.  As well as using better SPFs nowadays, I also have a bunch of strapless bikinis so that I can wear whatever I like during an evening on holiday.


The same applies at home.  If I get a chance to sit in the garden, I have three dresses that I alternate, all strapless so that I have no marks around the neck, shoulders or arms.


The dresses are lightweight cotton, are elasticated at the top and round the boobs and then simply flow down to my knees or are full length.  They are about eight years old and I bought them in Accessorize.


Here’s a couple of what the brand is currently offering.



Would you like to see more dress options that help you get dressed for sunny weather?  Here’s a selection from John Lewis, which includes brands such as White Stuff and Mint Velvet.



Feel like wearing trousers, but want to catch some rays on your shoulders?  It’s okay,  I’ve found some nice tops. These are all available from H&M. Please note that some of the tops are in sale, so not all sizes are available.


I hope these are all helpful for some online shopping.  I can’t wait to get back to personal shopping with clients in Bristol and Bath.  Until then it’s the easiest, safest option to pick up hot weather essentials.


I’m also going to be offering my services online!  Look out for a bunch of NEW hour-long personal styling services.  This will include helping ladies and gents with a one hour service to identify the hero pieces in their wardrobes.


Until then, stay safe and well everyone.


Gail x