I loved having someone who was neutral and not a friend or family member help identify what suited me or what had had its time and needed to go.

You were kind, fair and gave practical feedback. I really liked the three categories of clothes....KEEP, MAYBE and DONE.

You saw my clothes in a new light and put things together that I had not thought of. That was extremely helpful. It's like having a pair of magic glasses...
I was surprised at how much I learnt about colour and body shape even though I take an interest in fashion.

It was great to get a professional in.
My shopping trip with you has taught me how to shop more effectively, and taken away some of my fear of fashion.

I feel more confident to make braver choices about what to try on, and I've come away feeling much fresher and happier about getting dressed.

I feel like an updated version of me, which is exactly what I wanted.
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