Netting a New Winter Look

What’s a girl to wear when the weather drops and ice creeps across the window screen?  It’s a tough one, cause no-one wants to wear trousers for the next three months, do they?


I always get cross with myself for dropping dresses as soon as the clocks go back, but I can’t be the only one who struggles with 120 Mrs Doubtfire denier tights!


So this year, I’m going to brave fishnets.  Wait.  Hear me out.  I know there are days when you absolutely need to be cosseted in layers, but this is the UK and today, for example, I was expecting to spend a good 15 minutes deicing the car before heading to work and I merely unlocked the door and drove off.  Fab!


I bought my pair of fishnets from H&M when I was in New York and have been trying them out with different outfits.  See what you think?


The classic

Under Jeans

Particularly good for extending wear of three quarter or cut off jeans

A new look for old distressed jeans


Perfect for Christmas parties, I for one, am loving the resurrection of fishnet tights.  They would also look really good with midi and maxi dresses and ankle boots, heels or chunky boots.


I’ll be honest, when I was younger I wouldn’t have gone near fishnets for fear of trying to appear sexy, now I’m all for it and it feels sassy!


You can get the ones I’m wearing from H&M for £8.99.


Have a fab weekend.



Gail xx



Porto & Pumps

Sorry for the pause.  I don’t like surprises, so having a few mechanical problems with my blog this week has been a pain in the ___, but I’m back.


Talking of surprises, I love spoiling my husband with a surprise or two.


The boy’s 50th birthday in September, was not going to be a big affair.  I get it, some people love being centre of attention and others absolutely loathe it.  We both love going to parties, but never want the party to be about us.


So I knew not to get him a surprise party for this special occasion.  That said, I couldn’t bear the idea of being at home with a TV dinner on a day that really should be marked.


So I planned a trip away, only telling SP we were going to Cornwall three weeks before the actual date, so that I could make sure he wasn’t working for the 48 hours that we would actually be in Porto.


You should have seen his face when I pulled into the airport instead of driving straight past it! A picture. With 48 hours of fun ahead, we merrily dropped off the car and headed for the bar.


Porto had been on our to do list since it was spotted in a copy of Lonely Planet a while back and the trip was a perfect fit, with an evening flight time the day before Steve’s birthday and 48 hours to explore before returning home.  This meant we only lost two day’s work – SP is boringly committed to it.


The forecasters said it would be in the early twenties, offering a welcome injection of Vitamin D before Autumn really sets in at home.  What’s not to love.


Hugging the North West coast of Portugal, Porto is the second largest city in the country and actually not that far (by train) from Lisbon.  With more time, you could/should probably try and do both.


No surprise here, but it’s known for its port production – we found that our favourite style is Tawny.  We also found that we could consume quite a bit of it!


We stayed close to the historical centre of Porto, The Ribeira.  Classed as World Heritage by UNESCO, this attractive area was our playground for 48 hours and with the Douro river running through it, offering the city one of its most popular photographic opportunities, it was a beautiful setting fit for a birthday ‘retreat’.


For a change, instead of me going on, I’ve asked the birthday boy to answer a few short questions to help tell you more about our trip.


What three words best describe our trip?

Interesting, fun, sunny


How would you describe Porto to someone who hasn’t been?

It’s a great place for a city break


What did you enjoy most about Porto?

I liked the Six Bridges Boat Cruise (caught on the harbour, takes 50 mins and costs about 15 euros per person).  Oh, and the port-tasting.


Was two days enough?

Yeah, it was a buzzing whistle-stop tour, but you could add on an enjoy an extra day.


What would you do with an extra day?

Gone to the football ground (GP – I made the right choice!)


What are the must-do activities in Porto?

Cable car and river cruise


One lasting memory from your trip?

The fog coming off the Douro.  One morning it was beautiful sunshine, the next pea soup.


What would you give Porto out of five?

Four, it lost a point for the food.  We didn’t really like the food choice that much, apart from the (custard) tarts, which were delicious.


Some snaps


Pretty isn’t it?


As with many mini breaks and holidays you are constantly on your feet, trying to see as much as you can and I was so glad that I  had taken my Adidas Mrs Stan Smiths.  I took a bunch of clothes with me, but I ended up wearing two maxi dresses day into evening.  I felt comfortable, not just on my feet, but in my clothes, and the dresses made sure I was out of jeans for once.


I have on many occasion taken new shoes or heels on holiday (what an idiot) only to be a thorn in SP’s side when we’ve had to stop and search for somewhere to buy pain killers, plasters and flip flops, but I think I’m over it now.


We are packing for our next trip as I finish this post and I have purchased a pair of slip on platforms from Dune, see below. It’s okay, I’ve been wearing them around the house and they’re like slippers. I will, of course, be taking my Adidas, and maybe one pair of boots for the evening.


I bet the boots stay in the suitcase! Here’s some more ideas for great pumps, trainers, kicks, whatever you like to call em. All I know, every grown up woman should have ’em.

Til next time.

Gail xx





The Eyes Have It

There was a time when my eye area was not at its best.  Late nights, early mornings and let’s be honest, too many post-work drinks, had really taken its toll.  I thought I’d done permanent damage.  Thankfully, however, it was not too late, cleaner living (only having a few glasses Thursday – Saturday!!) put paid to puffy bags and swapping wine for water and getting more sleep, started to reduce the dark rings.  Phew.


However, you can’t stop the signs of ageing and I’ve mentioned this before, my eye area needs extra attention.  So when I spotted a well known style blogger asking her readers how she could improve the dark shadows underneath her eyes, I tuned in.


Turns out, this little baby – Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – is one of the most popular products around, with readers saying it was their absolute favourite.


I obviously hot footed it to the nearest department store and asked a willing assistant to match me a shade and came home with Light 3 Honey (£23.00, House of Fraser)


It’s early days, but I am in love with the results.  It is creamy and simply glides on to the skin.  Light to touch, you can build up layer-by-layer to the level of coverage you want.  I use it lightly on the lines from my nose to my mouth, and around the nose, then build up coverage around the eye area.


When I pull the wand from the tube I can literally see the radiance from the product.  Nars pack it with antioxidants and it is very hydrating, so it’s not going to dry out the area, which is exactly what you need.  Dry, cakey make-up accentuates wrinkles. The dewy-look is not just in fashion, it’s the only way forward as I pick up speed towards the Barbara Cartland years.


It is not the only product that I’m currently loving.  The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted Boots Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm.  Part of a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law, this tube lives on my bedside table, so that I make sure to use it, and has quickly become an integral part of my beauty regime.  I really like it.


I just use a tiny amount under each eye on clean, slightly damp skin, before I go bed.  It’s hypo-allergenic, so no irritation and because I’m already in bed, it can sink into my skin as I sleep and do its job, which Boots says is to “visibly improve dark circles and puffiness”.  Does it work?  I’m not sure if this alone is improving my eyes area,  but overall my eyes are looking better.  Of course, I don’t think I’ve found a miracle!  But, my little mix of all the above seems to be working its magic, and that’s good enough for me. I’ll keep on using this bag of tricks if I look less haggard.


Have you tried either product and found the same or different results? Please share in the comments below.  Or, if you use other good stuff, again share with me and let readers know what’s in your bag of tricks.


Thanks and have a great weekend.


Gail xx