Netting a New Winter Look

What’s a girl to wear when the weather drops and ice creeps across the window screen?  It’s a tough one, cause no-one wants to wear trousers for the next three months, do they?


I always get cross with myself for dropping dresses as soon as the clocks go back, but I can’t be the only one who struggles with 120 Mrs Doubtfire denier tights!


So this year, I’m going to brave fishnets.  Wait.  Hear me out.  I know there are days when you absolutely need to be cosseted in layers, but this is the UK and today, for example, I was expecting to spend a good 15 minutes deicing the car before heading to work and I merely unlocked the door and drove off.  Fab!


I bought my pair of fishnets from H&M when I was in New York and have been trying them out with different outfits.  See what you think?


The classic

Under Jeans

Particularly good for extending wear of three quarter or cut off jeans

A new look for old distressed jeans


Perfect for Christmas parties, I for one, am loving the resurrection of fishnet tights.  They would also look really good with midi and maxi dresses and ankle boots, heels or chunky boots.


I’ll be honest, when I was younger I wouldn’t have gone near fishnets for fear of trying to appear sexy, now I’m all for it and it feels sassy!


You can get the ones I’m wearing from H&M for £8.99.


Have a fab weekend.



Gail xx



Call Of The Wild


I’m back on the hunt for animal print.  This time in the shape of a handbag.


I just feel that I need accessories to brighten my outfits.  I’m inherently lazy when it comes to getting dressed, always reaching for plain colours, because I’m in a rush and don’t want to think about it.  However, handbags are a different matter, I switch up my handbag daily and the addition of a funky animal print version would make my overall appearance a tad more stylish (I hope).


Image via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest

See what I mean…


So I would really like a new bag, possibly a large clutch with a strap that I can use if I want to.  It has to be a decent to carry purse, phone, glasses case, etc.  Why do brands make bags so small nowadays?!


The trouble is, there’s not much around.  Isn’t it always the case.  When you have the money to buy something nice you can never find what you want and when you’re skint, you see EVERYTHING you ever needed!


I have seen one that I like in Dune that is definitely a contender and I mentioned it to SP and he’s going to tell you Santa, but I’m putting it out to the universe (read. you), have you seen any nice animal print bags out there?  If you have please add a link in the comments below for me.  I would really appreciate it.


Here’s a couple of idea that I’ve found online, but again if you see more around, please let me know.


Thanks and have a fab weekend.

Gail xx

No Woman Is An Island

If you follow me on Instagram and watch InstaStories you’ll know that I have a current fascination with Love Island.


It’s on ITV2 and I haven’t quite worked out what it’s about yet.  I think it’s a dating competition, following the “goings-on” of a group of twenty-somethings living it up in a villa in Ibiza.  Let’s assume it’s about finding love and generally there is a lot of flirting and “coupling up”, with a good measure of tears and tantrums tossed in!


You don’t need to tell me.  I know I’m too old to be watching this type of TV show. I should be older, wiser, and basically over it, but I’ve always been young at heart and having stumbled across it, I’m hooked.  Not just on the lingo they speak, I had to press rewind a few times to work out that “did you neck on” is cryptic for “did you snog”, but I’m also loving the fashion.


In the nineties we wore the bottom half of a bikini, a scrunchie and a smile!  Modern fashion dictates that you wear a bikini, with as many straps as a swimsuit, “arm, neck and ear swag”, full make-up, false lashes and four inch heels.


I mean literally, I’m glued!



I’m not taking the mickey, cause I know I would be in the thick of it.  Gold waist necklace, the lot.  I’m also loving it because if the young ones are wearing more on the beach, so can we.


It’s been a timely insight as last weekend, SP and I want to St Ives.  We couldn’t have been more lucky.  With temperatures hitting the high 20’s and ice lollies selling out as they hit the fridge, we spent the whole weekend on the beach, plastering on the sunscreen.  We “coupled up”, obviously, but no-one wants to film a married couple having fun!


For the first time ever, I only packed a black costume (H&M).  There’s no point in denying it, I just couldn’t be bothered to worry about dieting the week before, I wanted to chuck on a tummy control costume and have done with it. Never have I felt more liberated and comfortable eating a Cornish pasty, on the beach, ever.


Here’s a pics of my costume.  I think it’s quite sexy and the shaping makes it more so. The pic below is from when I bought it (ignore the slippers and candle)


Fancy getting in on the swimming costume act?  Here’s some ideas…


There are loads of shops selling swimming costumes with shaping. Why not take advantage of it. After all, like the girls on Love Island, we should be making the most of what we’ve got, with a little help here and there.

Now, for false lashes….

Til next Friday.


Gail xx

In The Trenches

Does anyone have a grasp on the weather?  No, me neither.  One minute it’s lovely outside and the next it’s that hideous white sky that I loathe.  I don’t mind any other colour, than that one. It’s bleak and horrible.


So it’s a mixed bag as we settle into, erm, Autumn, and I don’t feel like I can quite yet change the wardrobe over.  As it is, I’m sat typing this in shorts.  It’s okay, no-one can see me.  Still, when we do have those cooler moments I find myself at a loss of what to wear.


For those of us who need to head outside, picking up the kids (obvs not me), dashing out to pick up wine (me) then you really want a lightweight coat to pop on.  For me it’s even worse heading out to work meetings – a North Face hooded anorak ain’t gonna cut it.


What I would really, really love is a smart, classic cut trench coat.   Each year I keep my eye out for one.  I have had two versions in my time on this planet, both of which are not in my wardrobe any more and I’m quite good at keeping hold of stuff.  I had one from M&S, but the material was too stiff and heavy (same problem as in last week’s post), and then there was the Gap version, which was made with the same weight as tissue paper and didn’t keep its shape, with or without my body in it.  So they both went to charity at some point.  Which leaves me back with the anorak.


So I’m on the look out again, because I feel that if I can just get my basics right, the rest of the wardrobe will be easier.   Won’t it?


I  have started the search.  See this option that I tried on in John Lewis the other week.  It’s from Karen Millen and I really like the cut and weight of it.






It is definitely a contender, but I’m also going to take a look at these option that I’ve found online.  Hopefully I can get one that fits before the really wet weather comes.  When is that exactly?


Have a great weekend.


Gail xxx

No Jacket Required (Unless Leather)

Once upon a time a teenage girl went out clubbing wearing a red, white and blue striped swimsuit underneath a pair of black cycling shorts and topped with black leather biker jacket.  That girl was me.  What can I tell you, it was the eighties.  They were tough fashion years.  It was all about looking different and getting noticed.  Think of it, if you will, as a low rent debutante outfit!


Actually I think I was simply copying this guy….


Michael Hutchence - Image via Pinterest

Michael Hutchence – Image via Pinterest


And the queen, of course….


Madonna - Image via Pinterest

Madonna – Image via Pinterest

I don’t think there is any visual evidence of this particular night out and this post will self-destruct five minutes after you read it, but it’s safe to say that I’ve never worn an outfit like it again.


I think with some pieces of clothing you have to be careful that they don’t ‘wear you’ and I’ve never felt that comfortable in leather jackets, and it shows.  Leather or pleather jeans is another thing altogether and the current trend for coated jeans and jeggings is one I really enjoy and have a few pairs of in my wardrobe.  To be honest the confidence, or lack of, lies in my body shape.  Being apple means I need no extra bulk on my top half.  No thank you.


However, this season I might be challenged to change my mind.  Leather jackets are definitely an effective way to up the ante and raise the stakes in the style race.   And it’s not just for the young, see below.  I rest my case.

Helen Mirren - Image from Pinterest

Helen Mirren – Image from Pinterest


On a mooch around the shops last weekend (you couldn’t go into any store without a seeing a version of the classic leather ‘biker’ jacket), which currently come in gorgeous butter-soft leather.  Or pleather, depending on the price you want to pay.  My old jacket (no idea what happened to it) was as stiff as a board and didn’t give way, at all.  At total odds to my body, I simply bulked up and the overall look felt too heavy.   Now, perhaps it’s time to take a second look.  I did try on this version in Karen Millen


Karen Millen jacket

Karen Millen jacket

Okay, it’s not the best picture (excuse the frizz, it was raining outside) and in all honestly I’m currently at my heaviest, ever!  So I would have to be careful how I pair it.  Skinny jeans being enemy number 1.  But perhaps….


So, what are the other retailers doing?


They all look the same don’t they? At least you know it’s a style that will never go out of fashion. I could pull up pics from any era and you’ll find one.


So really, the only decision here is whether to pay the price of a night out or a European city break. Of course, you can lose a two-week holiday if you go down the designer route, but honestly unless you have that kind of disposable income (fair play if you do) there really is no need.


I think most of my friends have re-purchased denim jackets in recent years, because they’re classic and therefore stylish.  They also afford the wearer a more youthful appearance and I think that is the crux of it.   They are therefore invaluable additions to the wardrobe.


Bear that in mind if you’re a younger reader.  Don’t throw anything away, it will come back to bite your purse in the arse.  I could have put that old jacket on Ebay.


Have a fab weekend.


Gail xx