Looks, Lipstick & Lisa


A couple of years ago I woke up out of the fog of my, far too busy, early 40’s and didn’t recognise the face in the mirror.


A pretty tired, plain, quite indignant face was staring right back at me.  After I got over the initial shock, I started to root around the bathroom cabinet looking for ‘tools’ to repair the damage and realised it was a baron playground.


I have always loved make-up.  My mum bought me my first ‘how to wear’ make up book and as I got older and was hitting the nightlife I would buy magazines and experiment by copying the different looks while watching the Brookside Omnibus.


Of course, nowadays you can find everything you need online, so upon realising action needed to be taken I spent a few lazy-ass Saturday afternoons indulging in some research.  I came across a bunch of make-up bloggers.  They had helpful tutorials, listed their favourite buys, and talked about new trends.  It was far better than taking my cue from an advert.  I’ll never look like Eva Longoria, but the girl next-door, I might have a chance.


When MAC first came to the UK I was in my twenties.  Its first store was on the King’s Road and my friend and I caught the train to London just to go shopping there.  Now you can find any brand you want in any major city and buy online.  It’s much more accessible and so much cheaper than the train fare.


So, when I chanced upon these new breed of make-up fans on the net I scoured for MAC lipsticks.  You got to start somewhere and with a flick of mascara and a fab lipstick you can be good to go.  It felt like a good starting place as I was a bit anxious about the process, as post-fog my face had changed, a lot.


You can find tons of posts on Top 10 favourite MAC lipsticks and I picked out a few shades that I thought might work and placed an order.  I was very excited to receive Hue, Angel, Shy Girl and Crème Cup, which are all pretty variations of nude lipsticks.


Unfortunately for me the zing didn’t happen and I was a bit disappointed in myself for making the mistake.  They looked great on the girls!  There’s the clue, of course, I was trying to duplicate a youthful face.  Young and/or tanned faces will suit nudes all day long, but if you want to give your face a boost, you’ll need a little more colour.


So when the nudes didn’t nail it I bounced right over to the bright red brigade, however that just seemed to turn the clock back to 1985 and I looked like I was going to crash a Robert Palmer video.


Not givin in, I returned to the net and started to search make up for women in their forties and was delighted to find that make-up artist and beauty genius, Lisa Eldridge, who I recognised from magazines when I was young had her own YouTube site.   Lisa is an absolute expert in her field; she’s passionate about make-up and very well respected.  She works with celebrities such as Kate Winslet and her channel, with tons of free tutorials, is viewed by over 1 million followers, to she’s doing something right.


I found her video on Simple Evening Make Up for Mature Women to be really helpful and she has a new one on How to Pick and Wear the Perfect Nude Lipstick For You that’s really useful too.  See I’ve not given up on the nude shades; I just needed to adjust my perception and pick out a better shade.


Armed with more info I have gone back to the shops.  I’m currently wearing and enjoying MAC’s Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy and Viva Glam V for daywear.  The first two are matt nudes and the last one has a shimmer.  I nearly always use a lip liner for more definition, as your lips seem to appear thinner as you get older.  I use one from Top Shop called Ceramic.


I’m also loving the rich burgundy shades that are in vogue this season, less harsh than letter box red, and I really want to get one for night outs so that I’m not completely invisible.


Hey, no-one puts baby in the corner….



Gail x