Call Of The Wild


I’m back on the hunt for animal print.  This time in the shape of a handbag.


I just feel that I need accessories to brighten my outfits.  I’m inherently lazy when it comes to getting dressed, always reaching for plain colours, because I’m in a rush and don’t want to think about it.  However, handbags are a different matter, I switch up my handbag daily and the addition of a funky animal print version would make my overall appearance a tad more stylish (I hope).


Image via Pinterest


Image via Pinterest

See what I mean…


So I would really like a new bag, possibly a large clutch with a strap that I can use if I want to.  It has to be a decent to carry purse, phone, glasses case, etc.  Why do brands make bags so small nowadays?!


The trouble is, there’s not much around.  Isn’t it always the case.  When you have the money to buy something nice you can never find what you want and when you’re skint, you see EVERYTHING you ever needed!


I have seen one that I like in Dune that is definitely a contender and I mentioned it to SP and he’s going to tell you Santa, but I’m putting it out to the universe (read. you), have you seen any nice animal print bags out there?  If you have please add a link in the comments below for me.  I would really appreciate it.


Here’s a couple of idea that I’ve found online, but again if you see more around, please let me know.


Thanks and have a fab weekend.

Gail xx

The Bag Lady

Last weekend a friend came to stay (hi Spilly!) who told me that she hadn’t been able to access the rolling items that I include at the bottom of the posts each week. She was using her mobile to read the articles, so I think maybe I’ve attached a file that’s too big. I’m so sorry if this has been everyone’s experience. It’s not supposed to happen and if you’ve only seen one example of shopping ideas, then you’re missing out, as I add lots of items. I’m trying to rectify this error, so please let me know if this continues.


On to another ‘bug’ of mine this week. Handbags. For the past few years I’ve purchased handbags with the view that there could come a time when my bag addiction might come under attack from another recession. I’ve saved up and bought a few designs that I think/hope will last. Here’s my current collection, excluding summer beach bags.


Clockwise (top left): Mulberry, Zara, Top Shop, French Connection, Russell and Bromley, Coccinnelle (centre)



Clockwise (top left): French Connection, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, French Connection

Clockwise (top left): French Connection, Mulberry, Mulberry, Mulberry, French Connection


Those eagle-eyed among you will realise what I’ve come to learn this week, without thinking it through I’ve just bought black and beige! Nice but *stifles a yawn* bit boring isn’t it? If you read my posts regularly then you’ll know that I’m on a mission to try and add more colour and style to my appearance. So wearing black and then adding black – is whack! If my intention has been to disappear then I’ve succeeded.


Handbags have been my thing forever. I’m way more interested in the swag on my arm than I am of what’s on my feet. I used to switch up my bag to match my outfits daily when I was young and though those days are over I would like a few more colourful option to choose from.


I’m thinking of a print design and a red or green bag would, I think, also be good choices. They don’t need to be big shoppers, but maybe small to medium across-the-body designs that will lift my outfits a little. I’ve been investigating and found a few that I really like.  There’s a great leopard print bag that I like in Top Shop and a red clutch in ASOS, which is just £25.00!  I’ve added them in the roll of ideas below.  See what you think!


One thing is for sure, I will definitely be adding at least one bag to my collection before the nights draw in and I disappear again. On the point of shopping, I just wanted to share this website with you that I came across during my search – Hardlyeverwornit – is a great place to find designer items at reduced prices, just in case designer goods is your thang.


Have a lovely weekend.


Gail xx