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SP gives it a month before I start whinging, but right now I’m kind of glad to see a bit of cloud.


It has been the most fantastic summer, hasn’t it?  The past few months have felt like we’ve been on a permanent holiday and it was bliss, but the heatwave has left me pretty lethargic at times, so I’m looking forward to some fresh air, a change of pace and a new season.


Not that I’m willing us bad weather.  Please don’t blame me if we have non-stop rain the next few months…


As the new season approaches I’m starting to pick out tops with sleeves from the wardrobe and shove the summer dresses to the back. I’ve even worn jeans a few times recently (didn’t thank myself for it afterwards!) and as I start to think about to wear I’m thinking of venturing back to shops.


I’ve have looked in the shops or online for a couple of months, there’s hasn’t been a need since I went holiday shopping as I then needed to wear my holiday at home while the temperatures were high, but now I’ve started to take some interest and we are starting to see new shapes and designs coming into store.


One look that is going to BIG this Autumn has to be animal print.  I know I mentioned it so many times since I started writing this blog, but really it’s going to be huge in the stores this season.  I’m glad I bought my midi leopard skirt from Zara way back as it will be on repeat with boots the next few months.


Long gone are the days when leopard and zebra print fashion were seen as uncool.  Nowadays, animal prints are defined as neutrals by the fashionistas and there’s so much choice, from coats and bags, to belts and skirts that everyone can find their own inner animal and wear it with style.


I’ve worn my skirt with bright colours this Summer, but I’m also looking to buy a camel colour sweaters this Autumn and wear it with tan ankle boots. Then I’ll turn to skinny black turtle necks jumpers as we head toward winter.  Yes, I can lots of ways that it will continue to be a staple in my wardrobe.  Red also looks good, see above, but we careful to pare the red down or the two can become a little competitive for the attention.

If you’re thinking of starting the transition into Autumn (and there’s no need to rush just yet) then here’s a few pieces I’ve pulled out from what’s new in store.  It you want to start out slow, choose a belt.  That’s where I started and now I wear head to toe leopard at times. LOL.



Have a great weekend!


Gail xxx


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  1. August 9, 2018 / 2:31 pm

    Well that’s great because I have the same skirt, only I made it shorter. It’s a ,,fresh,, day here now and I hate it. I want the heat back!

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