Apologies for my tardiness this week and the day late post.  I went to a work event on Thursday night – black tie ‘do’ in Bath – and I erm wasn’t myself yesterday.


It was a great night out and I had lots of fun, apart from my feet hurting.  They took a battering.  As these events often do, the night seemed to go on forever and I think it was between the starter and the main courses that I realised my feet were feeling decidedly pinched and stinging.  The shoes I had on were not new, but newish, and I hadn’t really worn them very much.  In fact, I mostly wear slippers, LOL.  As the meal came to an end the awards part of the evening began I wondered if anyone would notice if I took my shoes off.


Thing is, the pain had got so bad that I knew for certain that once off it would be even more painful to get them back on.  So I was stuck in painful limbo. Cue more wine.


Shoes have never been my thing.  Handbags, on the other hand, are.  So I’m a bit at sea when it comes to what’s on my feet.  Rarely following the latest trends and having a rack of standard wear uniform courts, a couple of fun ‘skin’ prints, Birkenstock sandals, Converse kicks and Timblerland boots.  Not exactly going with the #notgivinin theme is it.


So what if I do want to update my look and keep up appearances?  Let’s face it, if you decide to turn a blind eye to trends it’s a very quick and slippery slope down the ageing pole. That said, my feet can’t be tweens when I’ve gone past my mid forties.


I love heels. I used to trot around Soho in sky high heels every day when I worked in London, quite happily, and I don’t want to give up wearing them.  I tend to wear more block heel styles nowadays, as they raise me up from my 5ft 3 1/2″ self without being uncomfortable, but summer sandals are a problem as I don’t think thick wedges are that flattering and when I’ve gone shoe shopping in the past few years I have come away thinking everything is either too young or too sensible.  What’s a ‘girl’ to do?!


I’m a huge fan of Intagram. You can look up my name and follow me if you fancy it.  I get lots of inspiration from IG and I follow so many interesting bloggers it’s hard not to be inspired.  I also follow a few brands and they’re great at sharing looks for the coming season, which is how I found my latest pair of shoes. My new summer sandal is the Bright Gold Lace-Up Mid Heel from River Island.  Pictured on my home page and below if you want to click through to RI, these shoes tick all my needs and wants in one shoe – a little metallic (complementing a tan), a little print (Grrrr),  mid heel (I can walk in them), lace up (I’m finally wearing a current trend).  All this and they’re only £35.  A great price for a seasonal update don’t you think?


What else is out there?  Well, there’s a whole new geek trend that I’m loving, lots of chunky mid heel Gatsby and Mary Jane styles around.  Have you also spotted the leather tassel loafers?  I remember wanting a pair the first year of secondary school when mods were in and my mum bought what she thought was a fashionable pair, but they had heels and a couple of girls from an older classroom sniggered at me as I walked into school.  The loafers in now are exact replicas of my mum’s purchase.  I shouldn’t have chucked them out, I was ahead of my time.


The sporty look is also really popular, but you don’t always want to have trainers on and in fact they’re not always the right thing to wear, so I’m loving the sporty slip-on this season and want to get a pair.  I found some white ones below that are just £20 from ASOS.  Again, a cheap update for the season, that will go with everything and are comfortable.


Here’s a flick through my picks from the current season.  You’ll find lots of other versions out there.


Speak next week.


Gail x



I’ve just been reading that the shoulder is the new erogenous zone?  When was it not!  The magazine is on to something though, showing a little shoulder is ‘hot’ and the look is everywhere this Spring.  Will you dare to bare?


It’s a bit of a classic, the old Off The Shoulder/Bardot look, but of course fresh young talent have added some new lingo and titled it The Cold Shoulder.   Sadly for me, some of the tops and dresses that I’ve seen with a ‘colder shoulder’, have given me just that.  I won’t be going there.  These are designs with shoulders cut out, which I’m not warming to.  If it’s cold enough to wear a cable jumper I think I’ll need both shoulders in place.


Still, rehashing fashion can be a good thing; perhaps like me you have few tops in the wardrobe that already fit the bill.  The orange one I’m wearing on my home page is from Warehouse.  I bought it a few years ago now, but I absolutely love the colour and I’ve worn it time and time again.


High Street stores have been quick off the mark to get in on this ‘new’ trend and there are some lovely Bardot-style dresses around if you fancy glamming up, but there’s also many nice tops to choose from.  I’m not in the market for dresses at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind updating the ever-present jeans ensemble for some low key nights out.


Having had a little ‘shop’ online, I’ve found a few good options that won’t buckle the purse.  M&S is steaming ahead with a timeless white Bardot style top that you can wear dressed up with a beautiful print midi skirt or down with cut off wide leg jeans, that should take you through to the end of Summer.   However, white can sometimes drain the face and I might opt for my second option from M&S, which is this blue top from its Limited Edition range, which I think will be kinder to my skin tone.


The third and fourth options, I think, are great for upping your look on informal nights out.  When you want to show that you’ve made an effort without going over the top. Then lastly I’ve added a classic Bardot stripe, though notably offering a fresh colourway than the standard navy and white top.  I think it’s a really eye-catching piece.


I think this look is here to stay girls, so perhaps keep an eye out for something that suits you and your purse now.


Happy shopping


Gail x



I’m in love with this red dress.  So much so that I just have to share it with you in this short post.

This might well turn into a series of short, sharp posts of products or services that I’ve come across that I love and think you might too.  I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, back to this dress. It’s from Karen Millen, one of my favourite stores and though I don’t buy in there as much as I would like, I pretty much covet the entire collection.

I spotted this dress in magazine editorials and I just think it has the wow factor.  Starting with the colour, scarlet, an absolute knock-out that I think would suit any hair colour, blonde, dark or red.  It would work, right?  Can you imagine wearing this dress with boots and a fresh blow dry? Yaaaaas!

The design is truly dainty, which isn’t my natural default, but I adore the ruffles and lace. It’s just so feminine.

Here’s the rub.  It does cost £199.00, which I know is going to put some off, but I do think it’s an investment piece and let’s face it no-one is going to miss you in this dress.

Meanwhile, KM is running a competition on its Facebook page, so you could win one.

I’m off to enter.

You’re welcome!


Gail x

Disclaimer:  No-one has paid me to promote this.

Brrr….baby it’s getting colder outside.  I don’t know about your home, but the heating is on in ours.  I am a bit of a dry bread (tight), so we did put it off for as long as we could, adding more layers as September slipped into October, resembling those plump pumpkins lined up in the supermarkets.


Face-to-face with November there’s definitely a chill in the air, so it’s time to get the ole favourite out and by that I mean my gilet and not the one SP refers to as my Marty McFly life preserver.


Perfect for when it’s not quite cold enough for a ‘big coat’, but sheer madness to leave the house in just a top, the gilet – padded, fur-covered or knitted – is, in my opinion, a great addition to the wardrobe and this season there’s plenty to choose from on the hight street.  These winter warmers are just the ticket for days when the sun is shining, but there’s still a nip in the air.


I bought mine, this grey fluffy number from Warehouse a few years and have worn it to death.  It comes out every year and I tend to wear it with a black polo neck, black jeans and boots, but this year I’ve been trying to land myself one of those fabulous pussy bow blouses to go with it.  I haven’t succeeded yet – the hunt continues.  I’m looking for a grey or silver blouse.  If you’ve seen one around please let me know.

winter warmers


If you like mine I did spot a similar version in Next when I was out shopping last weekend.  I love that they used the darker shades around the midriff and hip section!


winter warmer

Next, Ombre Faux Fur Gilet, £48


Online I’ve also spotted these three other options:

Lastly, my find of the week is this fantastic cape from River Island.  Great if you’re popping out for a brisk autumnal walk…. or going shopping, with jeans, jumper and full length boots.  It’s in the sale too.  Down to £30, from £60.  Bargain! They also have it in black, but sadly that’s not in the sale.

winter warmer

Hope you like the ideas.

Let’s be careful out there!


Gail x

P.S.  If you like this post you might like to read a recent post I wrote on Top Shop.

When I spoke to a friend about launching this blog, the subject of not givin in and the challenges that being over 40 brings, she raised the question of where to shop?  It’s a good question; can we still buy clothes in the same stores that we used to when we were younger?  And if so, will we look like mutton dressed as lamb?


There’s no argument that shopping habits do change as you get older.  God knows if I go out tomorrow night wearing the eye-watering ensemble of cycling shorts, swimming costume, leather biker jacket and cowboy boots that I did one night in my 20’s, I’ll be sectioned.  (I blame Michael Hutchence for the outfit btw).


However, being over 40 doesn’t mean being frumpy.  Indeed, it’s all the more reason to dress up and feel fabulous.  Turn a head or two if we so choose to do so.  We can be as stylish as we want and having great style will win over wearing the latest fashions every time.


Now I can’t claim to be the most stylish (see 2nd paragraph), but I like to think that I have a good eye and enjoy buying clothes for myself and telling friends of things I’ve seen that I think they’ll look great in.  So I’ve taken the question raised and looked more closely at one of the stores where us forty somethings might otherwise hesitate at the door.


If you thought Topshop only caters for the young I think you might be pleasantly surprised.  To be honest, I always go in there.  If nothing else I want to get ideas, see what the current trends are and look for ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe.  Push past the obvious choices that only the young can get away with and there really are some great finds.


Here’s six of my faves from A/W 2015


Zebra Print Shirt Dress, £58

Top Shop

I love this dress.  It does all the talking for you.  Striking and beautifully cut, it covers up some bits I’d rather not show, like my arms, and is a flattering length.  You could even wear it open as a cover up with a bright orange top, black jeggings and boots underneath.


Faux Leather Shift Dress, £45

Top Shop

Leather is everywhere this season and this dress could be worn with flat boots and tights in the day or with your hair up and heels at night.  I would love the green colour too, as it’s a classic colour that’s not black.


Drape Neck Blouse, £36

Top Shop

Sophisticated and sexy at the same time, this blouse is on trend with its nod to the 70’s and would work well with jeans or as it does here with a leather skirt.


Ribbed Funnel Neck Top, £16


Top Shop

Update a winter wardrobe staple in this season’s nude colours.


Wide Leg Palazzo Pants, £55

Top Shop

This season’s palazzo pants are a nice break from skinny jeans and jeggings.

Fitted Boyfriend Blazer, £49

Top Shop

Dressed up or down a blazer is so handy and here is a version in this season’s berry shade that’s stylish and understated.


So these are my favourites from the current season in Topshop.  Do you like what I’ve chosen or have different views on what to wear?   Please share in the comments below.


If you enjoyed reading this you might also like my post on lipstick.



Gail x