Don’t Give This Trend The Cold Shoulder



I’ve just been reading that the shoulder is the new erogenous zone?  When was it not!  The magazine is on to something though, showing a little shoulder is ‘hot’ and the look is everywhere this Spring.  Will you dare to bare?


It’s a bit of a classic, the old Off The Shoulder/Bardot look, but of course fresh young talent have added some new lingo and titled it The Cold Shoulder.   Sadly for me, some of the tops and dresses that I’ve seen with a ‘colder shoulder’, have given me just that.  I won’t be going there.  These are designs with shoulders cut out, which I’m not warming to.  If it’s cold enough to wear a cable jumper I think I’ll need both shoulders in place.


Still, rehashing fashion can be a good thing; perhaps like me you have few tops in the wardrobe that already fit the bill.  The orange one I’m wearing on my home page is from Warehouse.  I bought it a few years ago now, but I absolutely love the colour and I’ve worn it time and time again.


High Street stores have been quick off the mark to get in on this ‘new’ trend and there are some lovely Bardot-style dresses around if you fancy glamming up, but there’s also many nice tops to choose from.  I’m not in the market for dresses at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind updating the ever-present jeans ensemble for some low key nights out.


Having had a little ‘shop’ online, I’ve found a few good options that won’t buckle the purse.  M&S is steaming ahead with a timeless white Bardot style top that you can wear dressed up with a beautiful print midi skirt or down with cut off wide leg jeans, that should take you through to the end of Summer.   However, white can sometimes drain the face and I might opt for my second option from M&S, which is this blue top from its Limited Edition range, which I think will be kinder to my skin tone.


The third and fourth options, I think, are great for upping your look on informal nights out.  When you want to show that you’ve made an effort without going over the top. Then lastly I’ve added a classic Bardot stripe, though notably offering a fresh colourway than the standard navy and white top.  I think it’s a really eye-catching piece.


I think this look is here to stay girls, so perhaps keep an eye out for something that suits you and your purse now.


Happy shopping


Gail x