3 Shoe Styles To Wear This Spring


….and you won’t fall over wearing them.


Yes, this week I’m bringing you a little shoe porn.  And the return of the kitten heel has everyone meowing.



Don’t these M&S shoes have the most delightful heel?  I absolutely adore this shade of gold/beige and don’t get me started on the glittering heel.  Any weddings or parties to go to where you don’t want to stand in four inch heels all day long, then these are for you.


Not the shade you’re looking for? Don’t stop here, head over to the M&S website and you’ll find a large number of kitten slingback in lots of colourways.  They also have kitten heel mules, which are très chic, but I’m afraid I would slip out of them and look less than classy, so I’m sticking with slingbacks.


Zara also has a bunch of gorgeous kitten heels as has Next.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ll see them everywhere as spring gets into its stride.


Talking slingbacks, they aren’t just cat-like this season, they come in many guises.  I’m pretty sure there is a slingback to suit everyone’s tastes on the high street this spring.


Want to move on from the classic ballerina pump then go for slingback flats, or if you do want a heel, go for low block heel styles that will give you a lovely ankle shape, worn with skirts or jeans.


Lastly, and possibly my favourite is the white flatform.  I already have one pair that I bought in Dune at the end of the last summer and will be wearing everywhere again this year, but I’ve also got my eye on a white pair of leather flatform brogues in M&S.  These will look ace with white straight leg linen trousers, wide-leg denim and boot cut trousers this spring.  And don’t get me started on how I would wear them with midi skirts….fab-u-lous!


And what about the loafers below?  There is nothing rude about nude.  It can be the most flattering colour, but like finding the right nude lipstick, try many on before you buy.  We all have different skin tones, my ankles and feet are whiter than white, so I have to careful that I pick a flattering shade.  Check that you are adding colour and complimenting your skin tone.  Too light and you’ll drain the life right out of you.


The thick white platform sole itself is simply heaven to walk in (giving you more support) and looks dead smart.  The added height looks good if you’re tall or small and as I said before, it’s a lovely shoe style with skirts, and more interesting than classic flats.

Sadly, this weekend I will be unable to wear any of these.  Yes, it’s the highly anticipated trip to Iceland, where I’ll be in waterproof boots all weekend.  I am excited, of course, even though it will be freezing, but it does mean that I won’t get chance to write next week’s blog, so Not Givin In will be returning in two weeks.
Til then, have a great weekend!
Gail xxx
What do you think of these spring 2018 shoe styles?  Are you going to try them?  Let me know in the comments below…

I Got Leathered

Tuesday was a beautiful day, don’t you think?  Better than pleasant, with sunshine from the moment we got up til the time we went to bed.  Obviously a state of bliss was never going to last and we’ve had solid rain the past two days. It rather sums up British Summertime, you just never what it’s going to throw at you.  So, when I hopped on a train to London last weekend I took my new BFF to meet an old BFF (calm down Spilly, it’s just a joke) and for once I was properly dressed.


Having a leather jacket to hand when the weather turns slightly foul, literally lifted my spirits.  The addition of a garment that’s cool and edgy, stylish and simple has been one of my favourite purchases this summer.  The black leather biker jacket is iconic, worn by everybody who’s anybody, and now by little ole me.


I am one of those people who covets from afar for a while before going “balls deep” and buying a luxury item.  I’m guessing most of us do this, unless we’re spending someone else’s money, then for some reason it’s always so much easier!


I’m the same with retailer All Saints.  If I had pots of cash lying around and wanted a new edgy look in varying degrees of grey and black, I would head to my nearest store.  So, it was genuinely a surprise to me last month, when I stopped by All Saints in Bath for a mooch and came out an hour later with a new black biker jacket.


I couldn’t resist.  That and I would have felt quite sheepish saying “I’ll think about it” after I had a shop assistant to myself, gathering up every leather jacket in sight for me to try on.    She had been really helpful too.  Did you know that when you buy a leather jacket, a rule of thumb to knowing that you’re wearing the right size, is to check the arms. The leather here should be tight to the arm.  I didn’t know that.  Also, leather “gives” once you start wearing it, so don’t worry if it feels a little stiff, it will loosen.


And I can totally say that has been true of my new jacket.  As you do with new purchases, I’ve worn it at every opportunity and it has become softer, looser and even better than when I bought it.


It is a new favourite in my wardrobe.  Worn with jeans, obvs, but also over dresses and with skirts, adding a little edginess to more feminine pieces this summer.  I’m hoping this love affair lasts, it’s gonna have to as I exchanged £318.00 of my hard-earned cash to pay for it.  But, I reckon I’ll get a good cost per wear ratio out of it, Autumn is approaching and it will be the first jacket I reach for I’m sure.  I’ve seen that culottes are still on trend and oversized belted wide-leg trousers….and don’t get me started on long dresses and boots.


Here’s the full range if you’re interested and have a great weekend all.


Gail xx

Legging It Into Spring

It’s Good Friday and I’ve woken up with a banging headache.  Doesn’t bode well, does it?  The first morning of a four day holiday and I’ve already taken two paracetamol and two ibuprofen.


I’m not feeling or looking my best, so in an attempt to brighten the mood I’m trying to put some goodness back into my face, from the outside in, with a gorgeous smelling Honey & Oat 3-In-1 Scrub Mask from the Body Shop.  I might be feeling crap on the inside, but I better be beaming from afar.


This week’s post is about loosening up on the trouser scene.  Now that we are in full Spring-time mode I really want to ‘stand down’ my jeans. Give ’em a break.  Put them in the wash for starters (!) and try to wear something different.


If you’re a fan of the old black and white movies you can’t but admire the capri pant, cigarette trouser and cropped chino of yesteryear icons.  Think Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, because I can’t put their images on here or I’ll be sued.


There’s something so feminine about revealing a little ankle.  Worn with pointy flats, trainers that don’t see the inside of a gym, or platform sandals, a pair of cotton trousers can take you anywhere.  I’d like a pair to take me to the French Riviera or the Amalfi Coast, but that won’t be happening this year.  Still, we can but dream…


Photo by linh-nguyen/Unsplash


So this week I started, in earnest, the swop over of clothing in the wardrobe from winter to spring/summer, with the aim of digging out the two pairs of cropped capri pants that I have (in blue and beige). Only they weren’t there. It looks like I’ve bundled them into the charity bag in a moment of madness. In truth I think the blue trousers were too small and the beige pair too big and it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but now I’m caught short. Pun intended.


A very quick look in the shops has revealed that options include a roll-up hem, which I’m not interested in. I’m looking to slim and lengthen the leg and drawing attention three quarters of the way down will just cut it off.  No, I’m looking for a classic cut.  Something like one of these:


In fact any one of these, delivered to my door, would be fab.  So that’s the plan.  I’m off to check out sizes before I roll up my sleeves and hurtle towards the cooking fest that is Easter.  Perhaps I should order anything post chocolate consumption!

Have a great Easter everyone!

Gail xx

April Showers, I’m Ready For Ya

I have happy news!  No, I can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to wear flip flops any time soon and I can’t turn water into wine either. However, I am pleased to say that one of my Not Givin In objectives has been achieved.  The search is over.  I’ve found MY trench coat. Whoop, whoop.  I won’t need to mention it again!


I’ve been on a search for some time (I blogged about it last September and have been looking for the trench since the nineties), so I’m thrilled to say that I found a season interim coat that is long enough to cover me from wet weather showers and warm enough to keep out the chill factor, between wearing sun tops and snow coats.


I had, in all honesty, given up the ghost, then while looking at cropped jeans in Next (their selection is really good this season) I turned around to see this gorgeous trench.  It was a bit like Cinderella turning to find Prince Charming.  One look and I was hooked.


Look at the smug face on her!


I really do love it though.  It is oversized, so it’s a bit slouchy, dead comfy, and I don’t feel like a bag of washing on the inside trying to get out, because the fabric is fluid yet firm.   I don’t normally buy petite.  I’m 5′ 3″ don’t you know.  However, the regular 10 was too oversized, from the waist down, and I was billowing slightly.  I also don’t normally wear a 10 in coats and jackets, so you can tell it’s big.


This style has been copied from the catwalk by many retailers this season, taking it’s lead from Celine’s trench coat I believe and it has all the classic detail – double breasted button fasting, large buckle bet, and buckled cuffs.  As you can see, I went for neutral, because I wanted a classic colour, but this coat comes in black, blue and a black/white option.  It was £65, but a fairy godmother spotted me in store when I first saw the coat and asked if I wanted £10 off my first online order.  Uh, yes please!



If you too feel like taking shelter from showers, here’s some more ideas, with links to stores.  I have picked out classic belted styles, more oversized coats (including several from Next, if you like mine), different colour options, and some that are currently in sale.

Have a great weekend.


Gail xxx


The Year of the Dress

Hey hey hey!  How is everyone?  I’ve missed you.  So much so that I’m writing this, my first post of the year, literally from my sick bed.


I thought that the journey home from our trip would be tough, but it was actually fine and we got back to Heathrow in good time and spirits.  No, it wasn’t until about eight hours later that I found myself projectile vomiting over a very stunned SP, while incapacitated on the toilet (TMI?  We’re all girls), that my world fell apart.  I think I’ve caught the norovirus and trust me it’s not very pleasant.


So today’s post will be short and sweet I’m afraid, as I haven’t been out of my sick bed much, let alone take a look at what’s going on in the world.  Still, we had a terrific trip and once I’m better I’ll curate some travel/fashion posts that you might like to read.


I ended last year thinking about how to make 2017 a better year than the last, and as part of my Not Givin In journey there is always room for improvement. I think I’ve said it before, but I’m saying it again.  I really do WANT to change my appearance; my silhouette if you will.  I love jeans as much as the next person.  However, I do feel it’s time for a new look and I’m pretty sure I said this last year, so actions need to speak louder than words this time.  The aim is to wear more dresses and I’ve therefore set a goal,  So, I hereby declare that 2017 is the Year of the Dress, for me anyway.  In order to reach that goal I am going to commit to buying at least one dress per season.  You read it here first.


I received a timely email this week from Warehouse, as you know, one of my favourite stores (where I bought my favourite dress in 2016, the grey pinafore) which has a selection of dresses that I’d like to try, once I’m over this silly illness.  I wrote about Warehouse last year as they had a new designer in place and had given the brand a makeover.  As does normally happen with this kind of thing, the prices of garments seemed to shoot up, but this new collection has a more realistic price tag.  It needs to when everyone and their dog seems to buy from Zara, H&M and Primark.  Anyway, have a look below.  One of these might be kick-starting my year.  I adore the stripe tie waist dress, but I’m not sure it would suit my body shape, however it could be great for you.  I’m also keen to try the belted cotton shirt dress that comes in white or pale blue, which would look great in the spring worn over jeans (did I say that out loud) and as a simple dress with earrings and sandals all summer long.


Have you set yourself any goals this year, fashion or otherwise?  Would love to hear your thoughts on mine or yours.


Gail x

P.S. Apologies for typos.  I’m really not very well.