Denim Jackets for Spring Styling


This week’s post is a short one as I’m hoping you’re out having fun, enjoying the four-day break.  Me included.


I just wanted to mention denim jackets.  Have you noticed that they are cropping up in the stores this season?



I have and it got me thinking: when was the last time I wore one.


It was in 2005, on a fabulous trip to Rome with my friend Louise.  Granted it was a while ago, but I can’t find that jacket anywhere now.  Doh – they’re backkkkkkk!


So here’s a reel of options.  You’ll notice that many are oversized in design, but you can still find the classic western style that finishes on the hip.  Some designs also have embroidery for a less masculine effect.  However, I like the classic design and cut, especially as I’ve just proved, it will come around again after this season, so it’s an investment purchase.


Meanwhile, I tried on this version in F&F Clothing in Tesco.  Obviously oversized, I’m wearing a size 12 here and it came quite low over my hips, too low for me, but I’m short.  I stupidly didn’t write down the price, but they have a number of options in store and online including this one here.
Go for double denim if that’s your thing, but I would avoid mom and straight jeans, unless you really want to go back in time, which to me always feels a bit icky.  Rather keep your style moving forward and pair with flowing skirts and cute trainers for a fabulous casual look or you can’t beat chinos cropped at the ankle for that girl-about-town style.
Have a great weekend!
Gail xx

Button Up It’s Spring


My father-in-law broke my heart last night.  He let slip that we may have a white Easter!!  He was joking, right?  No.  Apparently, the Best from the East part 3 could be heading our way next week.  Bunnies stay in your holes.


I’ll give you a minute to get over that awful thought and then we’ll move on, because whether it’s bitter cold or not, one thing is pretty concrete, the temp isn’t going from minus one to the higher double digits any time soon.  I’m desperate to dump the ‘big coat’, albeit surgically remove it, but then I’ll need a little something to keep my arms warm.  Cue the latest jackets or blazers.


The checked blazer is still a strong choice, but with Ultra Violet being the pantone of the season and blush shades coming through, a good blazer or jacket in any of these choices will smarten up your outfit, give you a waist or add an androgynous silhouette, if that’s your style.


I don’t have the colouring for neon or blush unless I have a solid four weeks in the Maldives.  I’m too pale to carry it off, so I’m sticking this jacket that I bought in New Look a while ago.


I plan to wear it with everything and I think if you add dressed down separates like distressed jeans then you don’t feel overdressed for mooching around the shops or going out for drinks.  Also, I do feel the style is little eighties so for me it’s quite comforting.  (I know that sounds strange.)


Think you might join in? Let’s face it, the sun may have shone once or twice in the past few weeks, but we’re a long way off from T.shirt weather….


Here’s a few ideas from the high street and if you don’t know the mid-season sales are on, so perhaps dare to head out to the shops.


Have a great weekend!


Gail xx


What’s your transitional cover up of choice?  Do you like the 2018 pantone?  Would love to hear from you below…

3 Shoe Styles To Wear This Spring


….and you won’t fall over wearing them.


Yes, this week I’m bringing you a little shoe porn.  And the return of the kitten heel has everyone meowing.



Don’t these M&S shoes have the most delightful heel?  I absolutely adore this shade of gold/beige and don’t get me started on the glittering heel.  Any weddings or parties to go to where you don’t want to stand in four inch heels all day long, then these are for you.


Not the shade you’re looking for? Don’t stop here, head over to the M&S website and you’ll find a large number of kitten slingback in lots of colourways.  They also have kitten heel mules, which are très chic, but I’m afraid I would slip out of them and look less than classy, so I’m sticking with slingbacks.


Zara also has a bunch of gorgeous kitten heels as has Next.  In fact, I’m pretty sure we’ll see them everywhere as spring gets into its stride.


Talking slingbacks, they aren’t just cat-like this season, they come in many guises.  I’m pretty sure there is a slingback to suit everyone’s tastes on the high street this spring.


Want to move on from the classic ballerina pump then go for slingback flats, or if you do want a heel, go for low block heel styles that will give you a lovely ankle shape, worn with skirts or jeans.


Lastly, and possibly my favourite is the white flatform.  I already have one pair that I bought in Dune at the end of the last summer and will be wearing everywhere again this year, but I’ve also got my eye on a white pair of leather flatform brogues in M&S.  These will look ace with white straight leg linen trousers, wide-leg denim and boot cut trousers this spring.  And don’t get me started on how I would wear them with midi skirts….fab-u-lous!


And what about the loafers below?  There is nothing rude about nude.  It can be the most flattering colour, but like finding the right nude lipstick, try many on before you buy.  We all have different skin tones, my ankles and feet are whiter than white, so I have to careful that I pick a flattering shade.  Check that you are adding colour and complimenting your skin tone.  Too light and you’ll drain the life right out of you.


The thick white platform sole itself is simply heaven to walk in (giving you more support) and looks dead smart.  The added height looks good if you’re tall or small and as I said before, it’s a lovely shoe style with skirts, and more interesting than classic flats.

Sadly, this weekend I will be unable to wear any of these.  Yes, it’s the highly anticipated trip to Iceland, where I’ll be in waterproof boots all weekend.  I am excited, of course, even though it will be freezing, but it does mean that I won’t get chance to write next week’s blog, so Not Givin In will be returning in two weeks.
Til then, have a great weekend!
Gail xxx
What do you think of these spring 2018 shoe styles?  Are you going to try them?  Let me know in the comments below…

Back to Basics


Hi!  How is everyone feeling about the start of a new month?  I’m feeling quite uplifted.  January was long and tortuous and March is on the horizon, so although it is still raining while I type this, I have hope.  I have just done a 5k run and the smell of bacon cooking is wafting up the stairs.  Things can only get better.


Clothes-wise, I’m finding myself looking at all the new styles coming through for spring, but still reaching for old favourites in the wardrobe.  Who wants to buy stuff that’s still going to sit in the wardrobe for another 6-7 weeks.  Flying by the seat of my pants or holding on to my hard-earned money, you decide!


So, what can we do for the next few weeks, while the last of the dreary days go by?  Well, I’ve been trying to plan what I’m wearing a bit more and making sure the wardrobe is fully in use and not just mine, SP’s wardrobe too.


Last weekend I borrowed Steve’s pea coat (admittedly slightly on the large side) to finish a black and white outfit.


Prompted by a desire to wear my white boots and a skirt (found at the back of the wardrobe) I didn’t have a coat that would complete the look and let’s face it, there’s a permanent downpour waiting to happen at the moment, so I grabbed SP’s coat.



Also on repeat is this striped jumper from French Connection (apologies for the wind swept mop).  Yonks old, I’m on the look out for a replacement at the moment and I think long sleeve T.shirt options are the ones to go for rather than wool, as they offer a lighter layer for wearing under blazers in the spring and solo with shorts come summer.  I’ve put a few options in the reel below if you’re interested.



Finishing off the look I teamed thick opaque tights with an A-line pleather skirt that again is years old from Zara, but it was quite nice to wear something above-the-knee for a change and the opaques cover up and keep us warm.


If you like the look I’ve popped similar pieces in the reel below.

Have a great weekend.
Gail xx
What are you wearing in this transitional period?  Are you waiting for the weather to change before making spring purchases?  Let me know in the comments below…

Three Bright New Lipsticks And An Old Nude


What’s a girl to do when she is desperate to freshen up her look, but either has no time to roam the shops or is light on spending money?  Head straight to the make-up counter, that’s what!  It’s how I came to up my pout action this winter.


The quickest, easiest way to make you feel a bit perkier, more confident and a whole heap better when you have zero time is to slather on a new lippy.  It can be a total game changer, not just to your face, but your whole appearance.


It started when I was working at an event one evening in Bath last Autumn.  Greeting guests I wanted to look smart, welcoming and professional, but I didn’t have lots of time, so I dressed in my usual ‘smart PR uniform’ and ran out the door.


Getting closer to the venue, I realised I had 10 mins spare, so I quickly nipped in to the nearest store that I knew had a MAC counter (luckily opposite where I was working) and caught the attention of the nearest assistant.


Here’s the tip if you’re going to make a purchase with confidence and not dally around, ask for help.  I briefed the assistant on the look I wanted to achieve (I want people to ‘see’ me) and voila, within three minutes I was wearing Tropic Tonic, a matte finish high power coral.


Thrilled that I was finally out of nudes and not wearing Rimmel Heather on loop I ventured back to MAC, this time in Bristol, and asked the assistant to help me identify which shade of red would suit me.  We should always have at least one good red in our armoury, don’t you think?


I have a range of red lipsticks in my make-up kit, none of which I’m entirely confident with and I really wanted a look that had stand-out and add some brightness to the amount of dark winter colours I would be wearing.  Boom.  This is Mangrove, a bright, matte finish, red.


Both colours get me through Christmas and now I’m on a roll, so I go through my make-up drawer and find that I’ve empty make-up containers of MAC cosmetics.  A quick look online confirms that MAC still run a fantastic recycling campaign – take six empties back and you can pick up a brand new lipstick for FREE.  Off I go to John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway on the lookout for a new pink.


Looking for a hot pink I’m disappointed when the assistant advises against anything that has a ‘blue’ tone (it won’t suit my skin tone, which needs more warmth), but once the assistant pops Twig on my lips I quickly change my mind.

I love this pink and I can dial up or down the depth of shade it is by layering, blotting and re-layering it on my lips.  This brownish-pink lipstick has satin finish and is more creamy than the other two.


Three new looks and I feel really happy with them.  So much so that I am throwing out a number of lipsticks that I purchased a few years which don’t really do that much for me.  You know, the ones that you keep for when you get some colour?  I have a bunch of them!


One nude that is staying the course is Velvet Teddy (in Matte).  It is quite a rich deep-toned beige in the stick, but I was surprised how light it looked in this picture.

A great everyday lipstick, Velvet Teddy is my kind of nude.  I would love to wear baby pinks and creams, but they absolutely drain my face, so I think sticking to brighter colours is the way forward for me, particularly as I’m getting older. I want colour to lift and brighten face that make me feel good, inside and out.


Perhaps try this trick next time you need a little lift.


Have a fun weekend.


Gail xx


Do you like to wear brighter lipsticks?  What brands do you love/hate?  Please share your thoughts below…