Why Rimmel London’s Lasting Radiance Foundation Is a Must-Have in My Make-Up Bag

lasting radiance


If you’ve tried to re-stock Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Foundation recently then you probably know that this popular beauty product has received a little upgrade.  Step forward, Lasting Radiance Foundation.


It’s actually similar in look, so when I picked up a bottle in Superdrug, I didn’t notice much at first.


It wasn’t until I got home and tried it that I spotted the difference.  First off, and let’s get this out of the way, the shades are darker, which I know is a pain if you’re doing a quick shop.  They are slightly more orange in tone so do a skin/shade check on the back of your hand before you make a purchase.  Or you could make the same mistake I did and have to buy another.


I used to wear 103 True Ivory in Wake Me Up and have now bought 100 Ivory in the Lasting Radiance range.  Luckily I was able to give the first purchase to a friend.


Get a Lasting Radiance


So what else has changed. Well it still comes equipped with a shimmer or ‘radiance’.  This was a hit with friends my own age wearing Wake Me Up (see previous blog post), but not much with younger pals. The shimmer, or glitter as they referred to it, was a sticking point and still is in its Lasting Radiance format.


Now, I haven’t held a focus group on the subject, but I wonder if older skin ‘enjoys’ the radiance pearls that Rimmel London enrich the foundation with because skin is a little lacklustre as it ages?  I’ll probably get shot for that remark, but one on-line review I read said, “forget the highlighter this will give your face an all-over shimmer.”  Totally agree and that’s what I want.

why I love Rimmel London Lasting Radiance Foundation


Perhaps younger beauty fans are more informed on where shimmer is best used to highlight distinct areas on their face.  Whereas, I’m not into contouring.  I think at my age an over made-up face can look ridiculous.  However my skin is losing its luminosity all over so any shimmer addresses the need for added radiance that the youthful among us already have.


And lastly can I also say that it helps to give an appearance of having hydrated skin all day.  Working in an office or spending time in any air-conditioned area can wipe out moisture, so the radiance pearls are welcome.


P.S. You can always use a powder on areas where you want to tone down the shimmer.



Glowing Coverage


Also I really like the level of coverage, which I would say is a medium.  I don’t have marks to cover, but I’ve always liked a good level coverage. I loved the nineties heavy make-up.  And although I don’t want to go down the heavy contouring that is today’s look, I am keen to have a blank canvas from which to work.  This does the job nicely.


I always use a foundation brush from Real Techniques as I prefer the assistance of a tool rather than my fingers, which gets messy.  A brush helps me distribute the product evenly across my skin and I can build up to the level of coverage I want.  I perhaps wear slightly less in the day for a more natural look, but overall this foundation blends in perfectly however much you use.


Texture-wise it isn’t runny and has an easy-to-use pump dispenser.  I found it quite generous, so use it with a light touch.


Sun Protected Skin


I am really pleased that Rimmel London has increased the level of protection against sun damage with this foundation providing an SPF25.


It is one of the first benefit’s I look for when buying anything for my skin and I’m always disappointed when a foundation doesn’t have it in.  The one that comes to mind is Health Mix Anti-Fatigue Foundation from Bourjois Paris, which has similar results but no SPF.  I don’t know why that is the case, but it stopped me from buying it a few years ago.


So this upgrade from Rimmel is a very welcome tick in the box from me.


Loving My Skin Long Time


Rimmel says this foundation will last all day and I can confirm that it really does.   I wore it yesterday for a four-hour drive and four-hour meeting and when I got home it was still in place.  And still offering the same level of glow I might add.


As for how my skin feels when I’m wearing it, well there’s no tightness or uncomfortable dryness.  Indeed, the complete opposite, it feels fresh and hydrated through to the evening.  I don’t feel a need to freshen up as the skin still feels moisturised.


It does state on the packaging that this is an Anti-Pollution Foundation.  To confirm what this means I’ll refer to the Boots website (because I couldn’t find anything on Rimmel’s website that offered an explanation), which states that this foundation…”instantly illuminates the skin with a healthy radiant glow, and minimises the effects of pollution. The inclusion of peptides increases elasticity so skin recovers and bounces back more quickly. Contains the added benefits of SPF 25 creating a dewy glow on the skin that lasts all day long.”


Rimmel London Lasting Radiance in Conclusion


After my initial worry about a change of shades I’m more than happy with this new formula.  I absolutely love the dewy complexion it offers and that my skin feels moisturised all day long.  The radiance pearls aren’t everyone’s cup to tea, but they are mine (and a fair of my friend’s too) so I will be continuing to have Rimmel London Lasting Radiance as my number 1 drugstore foundation of choice.


For those interested, you can buy it in all the usual stores – Boots and Superdrug – plus Amazon, etc..  It comes in a 30ml bottle priced around £9.99 and you can choose from 12 shades.  For less than a tenner its a good quality foundation.


Have a great weekend.



Gail x

Dear Reader: I Finally Love My Hair


Unruly, fine, wavy and frizzy (course even, before decent products were invented) were the words I would use to describe my hair.  I hated my hair being combed as a child and developed a habit (that I still have to this day) of twiddling it.  Knots are my nemesis.


For years I’ve used products to wash it that ‘help’ a comb or brush glide through it.  I can really pack on the conditioner and I love my in-shower Tangle Teezer Hairbrush that helps me through the unpleasant task of clearing the knots post-wash.


Using over-the-counter shampoos and conditioners I didn’t care that there was a build up of ‘coating’ that never appeared to wash away.  In all honesty I was just glad to get some shine and it be more manageable.


However, I noticed that the ‘coating’ was enabling my hair to become a little slick.  In an oily, rather than an effortless way.  It never felt clean after washing and I had to wash it every other day or it appeared to be moulded plastic rather than a gorgeous glossy mane.


In true Gail Painter-style I thought ah well that’s my lot.  But it so isn’t.  I must tell you about an absolutely fantastic shampoo and conditioner that has absolutely changed my hair.  Really.


I didn’t go looking for it in all honesty (see above, GP settles statement).  I was approached by the Josh Wood Colour team to try its range.  To back up my review, a good friend of mine also tried some products.  We have different hair colour/treatments – I have highlights and she has coloured dark brown hair, which is lovely and thick, where I have fine hair, but both of us have waves to be tamed.


On holiday with me in Amalfi, Italy, last year.

I just want to jump straight to the punch here and tell you that since trialling the products, which was nearly a year ago, we have repeat purchased and notify each other if we ever see money-off deals so that we can stock up.  In a nutshell, we’re loyal fans.  I know that I and other bloggers review products all the time, but this trial has triggered a permanent purchase change for both of us and that’s why I feel so strongly about sharing it with you all these months later.


So, what do I buy?  I use Josh Wood Colour Uplifting Shampoo for blonde hair prone to frizz (RRP £10), Josh Wood Colour Shade Refreshing Conditioner for fine blonde hair (RRP £10).  I also have the Josh Wood Colour Everything Mask (RRP £15), but I’ve only used it a few times.  I don’t need it that often.  That says a lot.  The range is sulphate and paraben-free so gentle on your hair and leaving it free of the synthetic feeling I had gotten used to with other products.


Just using the two main products – shampoo and conditioner – is enough for me.  I also use these sparingly.  I do apply two washes because the shampoo doesn’t lather up very much (no sulphate) and the old me has been trained to see a lot of bubbles.  At first, I was put off because there didn’t seem to be much lather and I doubted its ability to work, but now I use a short squirt to get rid of the top layer of everyday grime and a second to give it a good clean.  Then its conditioner, Tangle- Teezer and I’m done.


For the first time my hair is manageable, while also being clean.  I don’t need to have lots of product on it to manage the waves. It doesn’t look frizzy.  It doesn’t feel or look greasy.  It’s proper hair.


I’m obsessed with it.  Can you tell.


My friend absolutely loves the Everything Mask. She was really pleased with how much shine it gave her hair and that it was so soft.  She also loved the pump applicator, which was easier and more manageable to use than squeezing a tube.  I’m guessing the aim is to provide you with just the right amount to use, rather than overloading your palm.  She also has the Josh Wood Colour Darker Brown Blending Brush (RRP £15), which really impressed her for its coverage of those annoying grey hairs.



We buy ours from Boots and I’ve spoken to my hairdresser about it several times, because she has noticed the difference in the manageability and colour of my hair. It offers a salon quality, but with a high-street price.  It’s not your value brand, but it’s a great halfway house and for the results an absolute steal.



I love, love, love it and simply had to share.  My crowning glory is here at last!


Have a great weekend.


Gail xx


Trying a Hydrating Face Gel For The First Time


Parched skin can be tricky to combat at any time of the year, but mine suffers more in the winter, as I expect yours might do too.


In outright combat with central heating, poor weather, a nasty cold that turned into sinusitis and, erm, more wine than normal (it was December), my skin was feeling slightly tighter (read. dry) than usual.


I hunkered down, deep into my beauty cabinet, to flush out as many face masks as I could, while also finding a very good use for a new product that I had asked to trial from Bristol-based Amphora Aromatics.


You’ll know that I’m a fan of Amphora Aromatics’ oils  – I use the Rosehip Seed Oil (link to blog post here) constantly – so when I spotted that they had a new hydrating face gel and loved the texture on the back of my hand, I asked if I could review and share the info with you.



I don’t think I’ve used a gel instead of a cream or oil-based moisturiser before, but honestly I absolutely loved the way this product immediately melted in to my skin, leaving it silky to the touch. I wanted to learn more.


What the brand says:

AA Skincare’s vegan-friendly Rejuvenating Rose Hydrating Face Gel is the perfect pick-me-up for dry and tired complexions.  Like a health drink for skin, used daily, it can help slow down signs of ageing such as pigmentation, fine lines and small wrinkles.   Light, refreshing and suitable for all skin types, it is packed with soothing and rejuvenating ingredients such as Comfrey, Rose Geranium, Lavender and Carrot Seed Oil. 


What I say:

If I’m honest, I assumed because it was a gel there would be some tackiness to the skin on application, but no, my skin was super smooth from the moment I applied it, using a half a teaspoon-size blob each time.  I used it twice a day, finding the push down pump applicator really easy to work with and used most of the 50 ml pot (RRP £6.96) in 30 days. 


My skin felt hydrated and soft, but on some days, due to the skin issues mentioned above, I went back to the bathroom and added a further layer of Rosehip Seed Oil – only in the morning – for that extra boost I obviously needed.



I guess on those days the gel acted as a nutritious serum in my skincare routine – adding an initial layer of natural ingredients.  Certainly, two layers of moisturising product wasn’t overkill for me.  I like to layer it up!  


You might be interested to know that there are other products in the range that complement and work with the gel, which includes a Frankincense and Rose Cream (best seller) and a moisturising lotion and toner of the same name. 


As my skin was in dire need of some extra TLC I also had a pot of the Frankincense and Rose Clay Face Mask (100ml pot RRP £7.98) and as you can imagine I made good use of it.  Deeply cleansing, I found the mask gave my skin a real boost, shaking off the dull, tired look it had developed, leaving it looking brighter and feeling more nourished. 


To use, it was simply a case of slathering a layer over face and neck and leaving the mask on for five mins, while I had a catch up on Instagram 😉, then I washed it off with a clean face flannel (I buy mine from Superdrug or Primark, as suggested by a friend, you don’t need anything expensive)


It was a good month, in the end, and I really loved and would recommend the products.  You can never have too much armour in the cabinet, can you? If you’re interested in these products you can find out more by visiting www.aaskincare.co.uk.


Also, please let me know what you’ve been using.  We need all the help we can get.


Have a great weekend.




Gail xx

The One Foundation I Keep Buying



I love trying new make-up, but this week I want to share with you a beauty product that I’ve just re-stocked.  It’s a hard-working, effective foundation and I really love it.


Rimmel London’s Wake Me Up Anti-Fatigue Skin Brightening Foundation with Vitamin C and SPF 20 just ticks all the boxes for my tired skin and the price makes my purse happy too.


I don’t normally buy drug store foundations.  Indeed, I love Estee Lauder, Chanel and Marks & Spencer’s Autograph foundations, but I work from home mostly, so wearing expensive make-up that only SP and the postman sees, feels like a waste of money (sorry babe).


I started to look around for something under a tenner.  It had to have SPF cause those rays will catch you, even if you’re putting the washing out, and I wanted an element of glow added to my skin, some kind of illuminating power that could help me look alive.


Rimmel is a classic brand.  If it’s a good enough for Kate, it’s good enough for me and when I caught sight of its anti-fatigue qualities, I was intrigued.



What the brand says (taken from Boots website):

* Rimmel Wake Me Up, a foundation that instantly reawakens skin with a healthy, radiant glow and minimizes premature skin ageing

* Formula has a smooth, light texture that effortlessly glides onto your skin, leaving you with a lightweight foundation that feels barely there, yet gives you 100% poreless coverage and a flawless natural finish

* Instantly eliminates signs of tiredness and lifts skin from fatigue, while the use of peptides means elasticity is increased, so your skin recovers and bounces back more quickly

* Luminizing foundation contains radiance pearls, which illuminate your skin for a healthy, radiant glow that’ll get rid of any greyness in no time

* Silky smooth, light formula to feel as if you’re wearing nothing at all

* Contains radiance pearls to illuminate the skin and give you a healthy glow


What I say:

* It really does what it says on the tin and leaves me with illuminated skin

* It has a soft, creamy texture that I really like, but I don’t feel like I’m wearing lots of make-up

* The pump dispenses just the right amount of product

* SPF, SPF, SPF (my last drug store foundation from Bourjois didn’t have it and I had to give it up)

* I use a foundation brush to apply and the coverage is evenly applied

* Did I mention, it’s only £8.99 for a 30ml bottle


What others say (my mate Louise who asked me for a recommendation):

* Love how it dispenses from the pump – hate it when there is no pump and you have to use finger/back of hand

* Blends evenly over face

* Great range of colours

* Skin feels soft.  No caked/tight feeling that some foundation leaves you with

* Love that is has SPF

* Lasts all day and it is great value


Pretty good reviews eh!  If you’re in need of a little freshen up on the foundation front you might get on with this one.  Available in Boots, Super Drug and lots of other places for a under a tenner.


Have a great weekend.


Gail xx

Why Microblading Is My Favourite Brow Treatment


THIS post has been updated from the original post in 2017.  I thought it was a great time to revisit my favourite brow treatment, Microblading, which I am wedded to forever.


Back in 2017….


First off, I am so happy that I don’t have to pencil in my brows every morning any more.  Wearing glasses, nearly all the time, means that putting on make-up has gotten harder to do, so “feathering in” some brows was tricky.


Secondly, like most women, I don’t have much spare time, so not having to visit a beauty salon every three weeks means a lot to me.


The last time I wrote about micro-blading I had just had my first treatment, so here I want to share with you what happens in more detail.


Microblading: First Impressions


My appointment started with a full consultation (read. discussion) about what I wanted to achieve.  “Natural-looking brows please.  I’m not interested in those dark, slug-like eyebrows the kids are wearing.”  It’s always better to say it like it is, don’t you think?!


Unfazed by my anxiety, Lisa, the (fabulous) brow technician, explained that she would do tiny light-handed strokes that looked just like real hair. We agreed on a mid ash-brown that literally matched my natural hair colour.  She grabbed a stencil and ruler, measured where my eyebrow should begin and end and penciled in an outline.  Happy with the result, Lisa applied numbing cream.


I was very grateful for this.  I’m not a fan of pricks or tattooing and after waiting 20 minutes for the cream to take affect Lisa began to make tiny, upwards strokes using a micro-blading tool, then fill the tiny channel with pigment.  I could feel what she was doing, but it didn’t hurt.  Nothing more than a slight pull of skin or scratch.


Post Treatment


Initially, the colour is dark, by at least 50%, and you can’t wash the area for a week.  I had to apply Vaseline with a cotton bud to each brow four times a day. It is important to do this before washing and having a shower.  Some people can bleed a little when they have the treatment, but I didn’t.  I was fine from the get-go and  glad to stop the Vaseline once the seven days were up.  Note, I understand that post treatment instructions have now changed.  You only apply Vaseline for washing and showers.


The colour started to fade and leave me with more natural eyebrows from 10 days onwards. If I’m honest, I would have been happy to go with what I had, but Lisa insists on two appointments.  I went back a month later and Lisa filled any gaps and went over the brow lightly again.


Today, three months after my top-up appointment, my brows look like this and Microblading is my favourite brow treatment, ever.



microblading my favourite brow treatment


I honestly could not be happier or recommend the procedure enough.  Unless I need to pluck a few hairs, I don’t even have to think about my brows.  The transformation in my make-up routine alone has made the procedure worth every penny.


Lisa charges £149.00 and that includes the top-up/follow-up appointment.  Annual top-ups are £100 thereafter.  I think it’s really good value for money. The eyebrows help shape my face with or without make-up and I no longer look like Miss Hannigan.  Bonus!


Have a great weekend.


Gail xx