Skinny Bakery: Review


If you’ve been following me since Christmas or longer, you’ll know that I want to cut down on the evening sweet treats.


It’s a thing.  Started by SP, but certainly supported by me, and it shows!


If we can’t cut it out then surely we should cut it down and I’d love to lose some lbs before we hit summer hard.


So you can imagine my delight when I was contacted by Skinny Bakery to try some of their low calorie cakes and cookies.


Needless to say, no arm twisting was required and in pursuit of utter joy, wrapped up in a delightful treat that gives me (and him) a slimmer waistline we eagerly anticipated a delivery of goodies.


I have tried Skinny Bakery before.  My good mate bought me a gift of goodies for a birthday present once.  (Only a good mate can do that.  Can you imagine my disdain if it had been my mother!)


They offer next-day delivery across the UK and you can take your pick from the range, so you can choose which treats you fancy?


We received:


NEW Choc-Nut Pearls                                                                     199 cals per 80g pack

Mocha Pearls                                                                                     196 cals per 80g pack

Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies                                           141 cals per 40g pack

Skinny Red Velvet Pearls                                                                169 cals per 85g pack

Skinny Mini Gingerbread Men                                                      109 cals per 30g pack

Skinny Choc & Orange Cookies                                                     181 cals per 50g pack


These really are bite-size bundles of joy.  I’ve listed the calories per pack above, but these bakers ensure you don’t lose out on taste, while making sure they limit fat and sugar per mouthful.


For example, our favourites, the Choc-Nut Pearls, are 40 calories per mini cake and if I went mad and gobbled them all I still would only have eaten 199 calories (7g fat, 18g sugar) for the whole 80g pack.   A Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bar is 240 calories (14g fat, 25g sugar) per 45g bar, so for the same size as the pack of pearls I would consume an awful lot more in calories, fat and sugar.


We absolutely loved the pearls, which are light, soft bite-size cakes.  SP’s favourites were the Skinny Red Velvet Pearls – beetroot sponges piped with a quark-based low fat cream cheese frosting.  The sweet smell when he opened the box pulled him in within seconds and the taste was just as good.  Click on Instagram highlights to see SP steaming in on my taste test.


For me, it’s Choc-Nut all the way – chocolate and hazelnut sponges made with Nutella and piped with Skinny Bakery’s signature tofu-chocolate frosting.  Hello!


I also really enjoyed the Double Chocolate Meringue Cookies, which crumble in your mouth and enjoyed the gingerbread cookies, which had a strong smell and delicious taste.  In fact, we devoured them all, but would have loved more taste with the Skinny Choc & Orange Cookies, which are lovely and chewy, but could have more ‘pow’ added when it comes to taste


That said, I’ve just heard new PBJ Pearls have been launched and Orange Cheesecake Pearls are available to order too.  Yes, I am placing an order.  Prices for the range start from £2.99 plus delivery, with free shipping in the UK on orders over £24.99.  You can freeze these treats too, so I’m going to buy in bulk and eat at my leisure!


I want the enjoyment without the guilt and if I can cut back a little more, I’m all for it.


Have a great weekend.


Gail xx


Just to be clear, I was gifted the selection of cakes and cookies sent to me, no money has exchanged in payment for this review and I have given you my honest opinion.  Have you tried Skinny Bakery?  What are your favourites?  Please share in the comments below.


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