Button Up It’s Spring


My father-in-law broke my heart last night.  He let slip that we may have a white Easter!!  He was joking, right?  No.  Apparently, the Best from the East part 3 could be heading our way next week.  Bunnies stay in your holes.


I’ll give you a minute to get over that awful thought and then we’ll move on, because whether it’s bitter cold or not, one thing is pretty concrete, the temp isn’t going from minus one to the higher double digits any time soon.  I’m desperate to dump the ‘big coat’, albeit surgically remove it, but then I’ll need a little something to keep my arms warm.  Cue the latest jackets or blazers.


The checked blazer is still a strong choice, but with Ultra Violet being the pantone of the season and blush shades coming through, a good blazer or jacket in any of these choices will smarten up your outfit, give you a waist or add an androgynous silhouette, if that’s your style.


I don’t have the colouring for neon or blush unless I have a solid four weeks in the Maldives.  I’m too pale to carry it off, so I’m sticking this jacket that I bought in New Look a while ago.




I plan to wear it with everything and I think if you add dressed down separates like distressed jeans then you don’t feel overdressed for mooching around the shops or going out for drinks.  Also, I do feel the style is little eighties so for me it’s quite comforting.  (I know that sounds strange.)


Think you might join in? Let’s face it, the sun may have shone once or twice in the past few weeks, but we’re a long way off from T.shirt weather….


Here’s a few ideas from the high street and if you don’t know the mid-season sales are on, so perhaps dare to head out to the shops.


Have a great weekend!


Gail xx


What’s your transitional cover up of choice?  Do you like the 2018 pantone?  Would love to hear from you below…


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