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Hi!  How is everyone feeling about the start of a new month?  I’m feeling quite uplifted.  January was long and tortuous and March is on the horizon, so although it is still raining while I type this, I have hope.  I have just done a 5k run and the smell of bacon cooking is wafting up the stairs.  Things can only get better.


Clothes-wise, I’m finding myself looking at all the new styles coming through for spring, but still reaching for old favourites in the wardrobe.  Who wants to buy stuff that’s still going to sit in the wardrobe for another 6-7 weeks.  Flying by the seat of my pants or holding on to my hard-earned money, you decide!


So, what can we do for the next few weeks, while the last of the dreary days go by?  Well, I’ve been trying to plan what I’m wearing a bit more and making sure the wardrobe is fully in use and not just mine, SP’s wardrobe too.


Last weekend I borrowed Steve’s pea coat (admittedly slightly on the large side) to finish a black and white outfit.


Prompted by a desire to wear my white boots and a skirt (found at the back of the wardrobe) I didn’t have a coat that would complete the look and let’s face it, there’s a permanent downpour waiting to happen at the moment, so I grabbed SP’s coat.



Also on repeat is this striped jumper from French Connection (apologies for the wind swept mop).  Yonks old, I’m on the look out for a replacement at the moment and I think long sleeve T.shirt options are the ones to go for rather than wool, as they offer a lighter layer for wearing under blazers in the spring and solo with shorts come summer.  I’ve put a few options in the reel below if you’re interested.



Finishing off the look I teamed thick opaque tights with an A-line pleather skirt that again is years old from Zara, but it was quite nice to wear something above-the-knee for a change and the opaques cover up and keep us warm.


If you like the look I’ve popped similar pieces in the reel below.

Have a great weekend.
Gail xx
What are you wearing in this transitional period?  Are you waiting for the weather to change before making spring purchases?  Let me know in the comments below…


  1. February 3, 2018 / 10:57 pm

    Nothing transitional over here. Just warm sweaters! Ha ha, I’m not buying anything from the newest collections either. By the time I could wear them, I see other more nicer things!

    • gailpainter
      February 7, 2018 / 9:34 am

      Yes! My point exactly x

  2. thestylesplash
    February 10, 2018 / 6:04 pm

    Fabulous outfit! I love the white boots and the way they contrast with the black tights. I bought lots of pairs of ankle boots over the winter but no white ones, I’m starting to regret that now. I can’t wait for nicer weather and lighter evenings. Thanks for linking up!

    Emma xxx

    • gailpainter
      February 11, 2018 / 4:27 pm

      Thanks so much Emma – the weather is certainly testing us right now. I can’t wait for it to improve…..lighter nights sound like a dream xx

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