Ko Phi Phi: A Photo Diary



How are you?  It’s been a while since we last ‘spoke’.  I hope you are well and had a good/happy/restful Christmas and New Year.  I had a lovely Christmas at home with family and friends and then SP and I went on holiday.


Jetting off to somewhere hot is the just tonic to start a new year, and, as we are both self- employed, a good opportunity to take a break when we generally are not required to work.  Of course the utter indulgence of being in a warm country when we could be chilled to the bone is a big draw!


This year we headed to Thailand.  We visited this beautiful country in 2013 and SP particularly fell in love with its laid back approach to living.  Spread over two weeks, we decided to island hop across three destinations in South Thailand and see a little more of the country.


Our first stop was Ko Phi Phi, which we had visited before and stayed at Phi Phi Relax Beach Resort.  This charming resort offers accommodation recommended by the Lonely Planet guide books and we had such a fabulous time here before, it made sense to book it again.


There are several islands that make up Phi Phi and we stayed on Ko Phi Phi Don, which is the largest.    Most are uninhabitable. The islands are bang in the middle of the Phuket and Krabi mainlands and are undoubtedly some of the prettiest islands to visit in the Andaman Sea.   The islands can easily be reached by boat, it takes around 1 ½ – 2 hours from Phuket and 1 hr 45 mins – 2 hrs from Krabi.  There are several ferries that leave the ports each day and you can easily buy tickets at the airport, in hotels, or at the piers.


If you fancy island life then this is the place for you.  It truly is a get-away from the daily drudge.  You wake up to dreamy azure-coloured waves splashing against bright blond sandy beaches, can enjoy snorkelling and diving, or even hike to the View Point, which we did and nearly collapsed  LOL.  There are some delightful boat trips around the islands stopping off to several great snorkelling locations and if you like great food, which we do, then our resort offers some of the best food in Thailand and we loved imbibing delicious-tasting cocktails with sandy-covered feet at the beach bar.  It really was a tonic.


So, without further ado, here is a little photo diary from the first leg of our Thailand trip.  I hope you enjoy them.  Perhaps you might like to go here yourself?  If so, and you have any questions, please do add them to the comments below and I’ll try and help or point you in the right directions for information.


Next week is a photo diary of our next stop, Ko Lanta.  Another island that’s perfect for those a little world weary and one we hadn’t visited before.  We’re so glad we did.


Til next time…


Gail x




20160101_12480120160101_123409Ko Phi Phi





Ko Phi Phi



20151231_151029Ko Phi Phi


Ko Phi Phi20130105_100111


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  1. Maria
    January 23, 2016 / 10:09 am

    Stunning photos, looks amazing

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