Ko Lanta: A Photo Diary



This week’s post features the second leg of our trip to Thailand and a four night stay on the island of Ko Lanta.  Having had a wonderful five days in Ko Phi Phi (did I mention that our friends got engaged a few minutes into the new year?  Yep.  Magical.) it was time to say good-bye and get on a boat.


The ferry ride to Lanta isn’t that long from Phi Phi, just an hour, so no sooner are you boarding a boat than you’re off again.  A very different looking island greeted us.  Where as Phi Phi is all craggy cliffs and sharp corners, Lanta is long, open and flat and there are proper roads.  We didn’t rent bikes, but you can do so easily and it looked very pleasant to drive around (didn’t spot any erratic tuk tuks).


We stayed towards the southern tip of the island at Kantiang Bay, which turned out to be just perfect for us.  It was our first visit to the island so I did do some research.  We aren’t the type of people who want to hole up on a resort, so as well as researching where to sleep I always look at the social scene and surrounding area.  I knew we were not far from the Mu Ko Lanta National Park, a marine national park (SP and his fishes) and also The Drunken Sailors and The Why Not Bar (the former being a coffee shop/evening cafe known for serving some of the best loved food on the island)!


The accommodation we booked was in a small boutique hotel, with a colourful exterior and interior.  With individually-styled rooms that overlooked the beach and a pool that led directly on to it, Phra Nang Lanta was a great find.  It offered us lovely breakfast al fresco with fresh smoothies made to order, golden omelettes and those delicious slices of hot French toast that I love to smoother with honey  – oops, diet post to follow, obvs!   (I did go for a run along the bay, twice.  No, doesn’t count?  Mmm, I suppose not.)


As for the bay we practically had it to ourselves.  Yes, there were plenty of others holidaying, but there was so much bay to share and it was beautiful.  Lazy, long days in the sun turned into lounging nights listening to reggae, drinking Mojitas.  It was pure bliss and we totally found our zen.  Informal dress prevails in Lanta, so don’t go with a big bag of clothes suitable for Marbella, it’s relaxed wear only.


If I could sum up Ko Lanta in a few words, it would be – unspoilt, green and tranquil.  Beautiful is a given for most places in Thailand and we love being next a big blue sea, but this island offers something very special – peace.  Even the air is calmer.


Below are my photos from this second instalment of our Thailand trip.  If you missed last week’s Ko Phi Phi Photo Diary click here.


Til next next time


Gail x



Kantiang Bay

ko lanta

Taking my life into my own hands. But as I got into the darn thing I thought I’d share the photo!

ko lanta

Great for a spot of lizard lounging


Pretty breakfast spot


This would also look nice on MY coffee table


I like a hotel that caters for everyone!


I spy

Ko Lanta

Berry Lassi from The Drunken Sailors


Snoozing at the Sailors


Equally as happy


Kantiang Bay


ko lanta

My fave book of the holiday. Mrs Hemingway by Naomi Wood. A great read which I got totally lost in.


I’ll take the little big one


Sun beginning to set on the bay


I could think of so many worse views couldn’t you?


Bye bye Lanta. We’re off to Railay

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