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Hi, I’m Gail.


Welcome to my blog.  Why, you might ask, am I doing this? There are so many bloggers out there already.


There are, for sure, lots of great bloggers that I love to read, follow and like, but I’ve found it quite hard to find blogs that I can relate to.


You see I’m in my forties. Quite brilliantly I can never remember exactly how old I am (yes this does actually happen to some women) until my husband reminds me. (Hopefully he won’t add a ‘comment’ underneath.) So I want to read about stuff that I’m interested in or things that I’m going through.


In my head I’ve not reached the middle of my life’s span, no, I’m still pretty much young in my head and my heart, but I now need a little more help. Choosing the right foundation has reached crisis point in recent years, as has making sure I have the best possible under eye cream, dark circle concealer and sunglasses to hand, at all times.


I love to read and be inspired, I’ve been an avid magazine consumer since I was young, and this has obviously now progressed to spending far too much time on the net, reading lifestyle websites, following inspiring bloggers from around the world, and like many, checking Instagram every five minutes.


What I’m missing is more ‘girl’ talk of my age group. I do want to look as good as I can and there are some great 40 something bloggers out there, that I’m following, but I don’t always fit into their readership as I’m not a mummy and won’t be going on the school run any time soon. I am a step-mum to my husband’s two teenage children, but as my mum has always said, “I can say what I like about my kids, but god help anyone else.” I respect that, so I won’t be talking about them very much.


No, I have always been and still am, a full-time working woman. They say find a career that you have a passion for and I did. I have worked in PR for many years and still enjoy it, very much. I live in Bristol, but mainly work in Bath and also from my office at home, which means sometimes I need to dress up and more often than not I need to just get dressed.


I do like to shop, but not as I used to. Hey, no-one needs to dress up to settle down for Strictly. There are a whole new set of rules past 40, say what you want, but they exist and are whispered in the quiet corner of the changing rooms. Thank god for private cubicles, many of us still bear the scars of the open plan changing room of Chelsea Girl circa. late 80’s.


Short sleeves are tricky and my daisy dukes are holiday-wear only nowadays, but I don’t want to give in entirely, I just need to find my way around the clothing situation. I make mistakes all the time, but I think I’m getting there, maybe. No matter what your age, as long as you feel good, you can wear what you like, right?


What else, well I love to travel. This is a mid-life crisis/meeting ‘the one’ later in life combo situation. I didn’t get married until I literally was eye-balling my forties. That wasn’t planned. I didn’t play hard to get. I just didn’t get together with my husband until I was in my late thirties. We married six months after he proposed, obvs! Since then it’s been a race to fit everything in. When I’m in that retirement home, I’m going to have some bloody good memories, or I’ll die now trying.


I also love to cook, my mum taught me, and I’m often inspired from the people that I work with. So you will likely see posts on here of recipes that I’ve tried to make while listening to Graham Norton, Michael Ball or Kiss FM (depends on the menu/company). I’m not good at going off piste with a recipe, but you might be interested (or not) in seeing what I’m cooking in case you fancy it too.


So this is me, a forty something blogger. Still learning, but with not much time on my hands, still keen to make the most of what god gave me, but struggling to appear as fresh as a daisy, still grasping life with both hands and not giving in.


I can’t be the only one out there, so I thought I would share the journey on a blog, just in case there’s someone else who also doesn’t want to give in! If you’re out there, join me for the ride.


Gail x

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